Do periods guarantee ovulation

Updated: 11/11/2022
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No. Your body begin to build up the endometrial layer before ovulation. If you don't ovulate then that layer still has to shed at some point, which is called "breakthrough bleeding." This is when you get your period even though you never actually ovulated.

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Q: Do periods guarantee ovulation
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Does ovulation occur after the monthly periods?


Can your ovulation days be longer then 14 days?

Yes.If your periods are irregular ovulation can acour later then normal.

Pain midway between menstrual periods is referred to as what?


After 11 days of her periods could she become pregnant?

Yes, ovulation occurs half way between periods.

When earliest can one detect pregnancy after your periods?

10 days after ovulation.

How possible is it to know your ovulation period when your menstrual cycle is irregular?

You should visit your gynocologist since irregular periods/ovulation can be very difficult to track.

How can you get pregnant if you hypothyroidism and irregular periods?

Hypothyroidism is controlled by taking synthetic thyroid hormone and using an ovulation predictor kit can overcome irregular periods.

What is the reason for back and abdominal pain 9 days before periods but no spotting?

Ovulation or PMS.

You get a period and not ovulate?

yes it is possible. Your periods are a cleansing. Ovulation is different. Please talk to your gyn. I never ovulated.

Is your body back to normal if you have regular periods after being on the injection?

Yes, if you have not received an injection in 6 months or more and you did not have regular periods while taking the injection. The depo-provera shot suppresses ovulation. Once you begin having regular periods again, then your body should have returned to normal. However, many women still have periods, even when on this type of birth control, so after being off of the injection for several months and once you begin regular periods again, you need to check for ovulation using an ovulation predictor kit, just to make sure. However, realize that it may take as long as 18 months after the last depo-provera shot for periods to return to normal.

If you have regular periods but have PCOS can you still conceive?

Yes! Having regular periods increases your chance of conceiving. Buy some ovulation predictor kits to know what time is best to have sex.

When does ovulation takes place in case of irregular periods?

It is difficult for females having irregular menstruation to determine the exact dates of ovulation, if they are going to calculate ovulation manually. However, there are many other means to calculate ovulation. One can record her basal body temperature, or observe the appearance of the cervical mucus. An increase in basal body temperature by 1 degree means one is ovulating. Cervical mucus that appears clear, slippery and has a consistency similar of raw egg white is a clear sign of ovulation. Using an ovulation kit is another way to determine if one is ovulating or not.