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Do pigs eat feces?

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Pigs will only eat their own faeces if given ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE to eat. They're very intelligent animals and now the difference between faeces and food. They are often thought of as 'unclean' (and hence some religions ban the eating of pork) because they like to roll in mud which the naive take as being 'dirty'. This is in fact to keep cool in hot weather as they have no sweat glands. When they are absolutely starving they will eat their faeces rather than starve to death.

Whether you can and whether its good for you are two totally different issues.

Coprophagia is very common in the animal kingdom - gorillas and rabbits just as a for instance If rabbits did not eat everything twice, they would not be able to eat enough to survive - digesting everything twice is essential to them. This is not the case in humans and human faeces are largely devoid of nutritionally beneficial material.

It is believed that if you'll only be eating your own faeces, there is no problem, since you're only eating bacteria you already have, and if you do have a disease, it is too late anyway. But even with this theory there is a flaw. Most of the bacteria in faeces come from the large intestine, and while they are not always strictly confined to this portion of the gut, overgrowth in other parts of the gut and anywhere else in the body CAN cause disease.

In addition to the bacteria and parasites, faeces contain waste matter which, in their original form or metabolized form (after being acted upon by bacteria), are certainly not useful to the body and may be harmful.

Coprophagia is also associated with psychological disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

This is also observed as a defense mechanism against predators in the wild. In the wild, if you poo where you sleep, the bears and wolves find and eat YOU. Adult pigs know better, and defecate on the opposite side of their pen from where they eat and sleep. Piglets don't know better, and since Mom and Dad don't have hands and pooper-scoopers to move the feces, they eat it and eventually it gets to the other side of the pen where it belongs.

Wolves are known to do the same thing in their dens.
Yes it's natural don't discourage this behavior.

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Do pigs have smelly farts?

No, pigs do not fart, however, their feces do smell.

What is a guinea pigs feces made out of?

Everything of what they eat. Veggies, fruit, pellets and other things that they find laying around

Does feces excrete through a pigs skin?


Do guinea pigs poo and eat it?

Although we may find it gross, they do in fact eat their own feces on occasion. This is because they don't always process all the nutrients and evolution has taught them to eat the feces. Even though they do this, they will still need their cages cleaned weekly

Will pigs eat feces?

Yes. Pigs will eat their own feces and that of other vertebrates which leave significant amounts of nutrients in their waste. In fact, that is partly why there are so many disease outbreaks in some parts of the world. Poor families, in some cultures, will collect horse manure and feed it to the hogs they raise. The ancient Chinese used what is known as a pig toilet, and that is an outhouse over a pig sty, and the human waste drops into the sty, and the pigs will eat it.

What does pigs eat?

what do pigs eat

Can a guinea pigs feces kill a human?

Sure y not

Do butterflies eat feces?

Butterflies eat feces. The consumption of feces is called coprophagia. Butterflies also eat tree sap, decaying fruit, and drink nectar from flowers.

Do baby pot-belly pigs eat meat?

Pot belly pigs are omnivores and will eat anything. However, it is best to avoid meat and feed them a prepared diet meant especially for them to avoid possible problems. Also, feces of pigs fed primarily a vegetarian diet have little odor compared to pigs given meat and other such table scraps.

Is it normal for guinea pigs to eat their own feces?

This is an indicator that the guinea pig is not getting sufficient nutrition; improve the cavy's diet to make this behavior stop.

Why won't my dog eat its feces?

It puts a bad taste in it's mouth, would you eat your feces?

Do pigs eat tomato?

pigs do not eat tomatos.

Why does your weimaraner eat her feces?

Because her feces smells like her food to her.

Do pigs eat other pigs?

yes,if they get vicious enough they will eat other pigs

Do pigs eat like a cow?

Pigs eat like pigs, not like cows.

Do cows eat feces?


Do coyotes eat pigs?

Do coyotes eat you? If not, I guess they don't eat pigs.

Do maggots eat dog feces?

Yes, maggots will eat the feces of most animals, including dogs. The blow flies will lay eggs in the feces to produce the maggots.

Can bananas eat pigs?

no bananas cant eat pigs.

Can pigs eat ice cream?

Pigs will eat anything.

Do pigs eat roots?

yes, pigs can eat roots.

Do guinea pigs eat brussels?

Guinea pigs can eat

Is it true that pigs will eat everything on a human body but the hair?

No. They WILL eat the hair. The only thing generally left from hogs consuming a corpse is the skull and sometimes the thighbones. The teeth are found in the feces later, as well.

Do pigs smell?

They do have some odor, but most of the bad odor comes from their feces.

How big are panda feces?

Panda feces size is dependent on what and how much they eat.

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