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Do plankton eat algae?

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Some plankton do eat algae. Phytoplankton are a form of algae, and some zooplankton are consumers of phytoplankton.

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Does plankton eat algae?


Do waterbugs eat algae?

Water bugs eat algae and plankton

Do mollusks eat plankton?

no oysters eat shrimp and algae. however, they do not eat plankton

What do brine shrimp like to eat?

Plankton. Algae. Not plankton! Any species of algae and yeast.

What do silversides eat?

algae and plankton

What are animals eat algae?


What do copepods eat?

They eat plankton, bacteria, and algae!

Do mollusks eat algae or plankton?

they eat both

What do zoo plankton eat?

they eat algae and microscopic creatures.

What does a copepod eat?

Copepods eat plankton and bacteria and algae.

Does wheals eat algae?

I'm assuming you mean Whales, they eat plankton and algae I believe.

Is Plankton a type of Algae?

Plankton is not algae. Plankton eats algae though.

Do plankton eat sea weed?

Plankton eat a variety of different things. They eat everything from algae to seaweed to bacteria. Then, animals like whales eat the plankton.

What does a zooplankton eat?

A zoo plankton eats algae.

What does a sea hermit crab eat?

plankton and algae

What do mosquito larve eat?

Algae, plankton & bacteria

What animals eat algae or plankton?

A whale shark.

What do baby crabs eat?

seaweed, plankton, and algae!

What do baby Crab eat?

seaweed, plankton, and algae!

What do periwinkles like to eat?

Periwinkles eat microscopic algae and plankton.

What does krill eat in an ecosystem?

They usually eat plankton, Organisms, and algae

Is zoo plankton a consumer in the food web?

Zoo plankton eat only algae and bacteria.

What insects eat plankton?

insects usually dont eat zooplankton. They eat algae.

What does the clown anemone fish eat?

The anemone fish eat plankton and algae.

Would a clownfish eat plankton?

Yes they do. They also eat assortments of Algae.