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Do plants grow faster in or outside?


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outside plants grow faster due to the presence of sufficient light

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Plants should grow better in the sun, it is the main source of photosynthesis with water depending on the condition outside and inside.

mostly small.But plants grow faster in sunlight.

Plants grow faster in the sun. They cannot live without it.

The purpose of adding a grow light to your garden is to increase the levels of light for the plants, helping them grow faster and stronger particularly if you are trying to grow tropical plants outside of their normal climate.

Yes, it can make plants grow faster because in photosynthesis, the plants turn the sunlight Into sugar which makes the plant grow,

Water and sugar combined with water is the best liquid for plants to grow faster in.

the juice will make the plants grow faster because the juice has more products

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

I think manure helps plants grow faster due to nutrients and nitrates.

Plants have the April-May rains and the May-June sunshine, so they grow faster.

no. plants can't hear so they wouldn't grow faster with someone talking to them.

yes it can grow faster in the dark because i am planting my flowers in a dark place but you have to keep watering it so it can grow. maybe not all plants grow faster in the dark there is certain kind of plants that can. if you dont take care of it it will not grow how you want it to grow.

no it does not grow faster in cold weather

How do I make my Chronic grow faster?!..

i think plants with more leaves grow faster because roots grow faster the more they get H2o but with plants with fewer leaves grow slower because they don't get that much support from they root arrow

Yes it does make plants grow better!

They need sunlight to grow...outside.

Yes, I have been using miracle grow on my plants and it really does help them grow faster. Although it may help them grow faster, it can make the plant unhealthy.

beans take about a day longer to start growing but after that they grow much faster.

With all the required nutrients and water, the plants grow faster in sand due to increased porocity to the roots.

Most Plants will grow outside in a field, but some grow in gardens or inside homes.

inside i would know cause i did a project on it and i got a good grade on it reply for questions :)

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