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Do plants grow with milk or water?

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Does water coke or milk make plants grow faster?

milk and diet coke makes plants grow faster

Can plants grow faster in milk or water?

Probably water, of course.

Can lemonade help plants grow?

Yes it can , but milk or water will make plants grow more faster.

Do plants grow faster in milk or water?

i think water because it has minerals milk not because it has vitamins

Why does a plant grow better in water than milk?

A plant will grow better in water than milk because plants use water during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is what allows plants to make their food.

Does milk water soda juice make plants grow the fastest?


How long does it take plants to grow with milk?

If you water plants with milk you will kill them. The milk will go bad and the bacteria that grow on the milk to make it go bad will form acids that will cause the plant to die.

Which way can plants grow faster milk or water?

Milk is thick, and water is just right . but that milk has more calcume so maby that would he lp it grow more

What happens when plants are watered with milk and water?

Water made the plants grow big but the milk doesn't help at all. It attracts flies and pee U they stink with milk!

Does a plant grow bigger if watered by milk or water?

Milk contains sugars which the plants feed on so the plant watered by milk will grow larger.

How the plants with milk grow up?

Hi, the plants grow more faster in milk than the water. The plants with milk grow up in two days, you only need to put the milk in this and a little of oil and cookies, and you put this in the window with the sun to grow up. And in the second day u get a powerfull plant.

Do plants grow faster with water or milk?

i thick it grows better and healther with water

What makes plants grow better milk or water?

water gives less waste

Does a plant grow taller if watered by milk or by water?

Better by Water because milk is very bad for plants they will just die

Will milk help plants grow?

When it grows it doesn't grow as tall as it would've been if you gave it water.

What helps plants grow best water milk coca cola or any kind of juice?


With out soil and just in milk can plants grow?

Plants can be grown without soil (scientists have developed a gel-like substance that can sustain plants), but not in milk. Plants need both the nutrients of water and decomposing organic matter as well as a supportive structure for the roots, which milk cannot provide. You can grow bacteria in milk, but that's about it.

Does milk or water make plants grow fast?

water and minerals in soil is the best. if your talking about potted plants then lemon soda and water would be good.

Can plants grow with soy milk?

I did a science project on whether plants grow with another liquid and soy milk made the plant grow bigger than the other plants.

Do plants grow bigger with milk soda or water?

Plants need oxygen and glucose for the process of photosynthesis, which is how they grow. Because of this, they can grow better with a little sugar diluted into water. However, if they are only "watered" with milk or soda, they will wither and die because they are not being provided enough oxygen.

What is a good title for an experiment about what plants grow better in lemon juice water or milk?

Lemons or cows, which are healthier for plants

Can milk make plants grow?


Does milk make plants grow?


Can all plants grow in water?

Not all plants can grow in water.

Do plants grow with a liquid other than water?

-lemon-lime soda -Sugar water - Lemon water?? milk rots the plant