Do poke balls regenerate in Pokemon GO?

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Not by themselves, but you can get more from visiting PokéStops, which are usually located at local landmarks or popular locales. Here you can not only get pokeballs, but also potions, razz berries, revives, and other useful items, all for free.
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Why does a Poke Ball miss in Pokemon Yellow?

actually, ANY ball can miss, save the master ball. ive missed with ultra balls against zapdos; i missed maybe 7 times, but as soon as i hit it i caught it. but can you imagine yourself as a Pokemon trainer and you missed a Pokemon? man i would feel dumb lol

Can you get a master ball in the poke shops in Pokemon pearl?

\nThe only way to get a master ball beyond the one given to you near the end of the game is to win the Jubilife lottery on all five digits or to receive one in a trade. However, in Pokemon Pearl, most Legendary Pokemon are in caves, making them easily obtainable via Dusk Ball, which is 16 times as e ( Full Answer )

Pokemon gold What is the best poke ball to catch Lugia with?

the master ball is!!! lol the best is a net ball. ive tried it a few times and it took me like, 4-7 netballs overall. you could also try ultra balls and experiment with other uniqe pokeballs to try and catch lugia but net ball is really reccomended. hope i helped =) I caught m ( Full Answer )

Where to get a premeier poke ball in Pokemon pearl?

You can get a premier ball in the poke market. But firstly you must buy 10 pokeballs. And then you get a free premier ball, Premier balls have the same catch rate as pokeballs. . Hope this helped!

What are all the poke balls you can get in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pokeballs, greatballs, ultraballs, masterballs, timerballs, repeatballs, nestballs, netballs, luxuryballs, and you can also have from ruby/sapphire/emerald premier balls and dive balls but the dive balls will not work in firered and leafgreen because you can't go underwater.

How do you beat poke cup ultra ball with rental Pokemon?

The Ultra Ball round of the Poké Cup. Here's the best (Yes, I'm 99% guaranteeing you success with this) lineup I've come up with. All abilities considered among EVERY rental Pokémon in the Poké Cup, your team is as follows: Raichu - Your starter in most of the matches. Reliable moves a ( Full Answer )

Is there a cheat to turn a poke ball into a master ball in Pokemon diamond?

cheating is bad do not cheat If cheating is so bad, why are Action Replays legally sold? Anyway, there may not be any cheats for turning Pokeballs into Master Balls hocus-pocus-style, but there IS a cheat on Action Replay to give you 999 Master Balls. That cheat is: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D ( Full Answer )

What poke balls do you use to capture legendary Pokemon?

I used a Master Ball to catch Palkia, but that was before I knew Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit were legendary. It all depends on the types of the Pokemon or how long you expect the battle to last. For Water-type or Bug-type legendaries, use Net Balls. For long-lasting battles, use a Timer Ball. For cave ( Full Answer )

What poke ball is best to catch mesprit in Pokemon platinum?

if you get the pokemons HP into red and make it go to sleep or paralyz it you will beable to throw a dusk,ultra,quick or a timer ball to get the perfect capture. or you could just use a masterball but whats the fun in that

How do you change a poke ball into a master ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

It's impossible, but if you do want master balls, go back to ruby or leaf green or fire red or emerald. Get a master ball, give it to a Pokemon to hold and then migrate it to heart gold. Repeat this process as many times as you want but it will take some time because you need to DO IT ALL AGAIN! ( Full Answer )

Can you catch legendary Pokemon with a normal poke ball?

yes but it is incredibly difficult. i recomend timer balls and ultra balls. if u want to use normal pokeballs though, get the legendaries health to at least 5 hp or lower. (take a really weak Pokemon to take off an additional small amount of hp if u want to make it easier) and give it a status probl ( Full Answer )

In Pokemon platinum what poke balls can you get?

you can get all of the poke balls you could in Pokemon ruby, Sapphire and emerald. that being poke balls great balls ultra balls net balls and only 1 master ball but not only though's you can get dusk balls luxury balls and also 1 master ball so yous it wisely and sorry if that's not all the poke b ( Full Answer )

Where to get seals for poke balls in Pokemon diamond?

you get seals in sunny shore city you can walk if you just started your adventure or you can fly if you beaten the Pokemon League, but you must have a seal case before you can buy them.ok, just walk straight up pass one house and stop next to the house then you see a big building well not big but yo ( Full Answer )

What poke ball can I use to get Lugia in Pokemon heartgold?

I have soulsilver, but I caught Ho-oh so its basically the same thing. I waited until night time, and then used a dusk ball. Seeing lugia is in a cave, I would use a dusk ball. Lugia is also very heavy so bring lots of heavy balls. Hope this helps!

What poke ball do you use to catch victini in Pokemon white?

you use 1 maste r ball if you use action replay or you can let a Pokemon and trade it with the master ball. Don't listen to the kid on the cant trade a Pokemon that's holding an item from Soul Silver or any of those games to the white or black version.

How do you get poke balls in Pokemon creed?

first what happens is that on your left hand side when you are in front of your computer or laptop and then go down you will see something that says trades/misc and the there is mart co. or you will half 2 pick mart co because if you pick you will see poke balls but they will c ( Full Answer )

How do you hit zapos with a poke-ball in Pokemon yellow?

What do you mean by hit? You just go to "Bag" once you're in battle, select an ultra ball or master ball, and just keep throwing balls until you catch him. He is a legendary, though, so his catch rate is insanely small.

How do you catch mew two with poke ball in Pokemon Yellow?

As you may know, Masterball is the best ball. I have both yellow, silver and gold. After I got the Masterball in either silver or gold, I traded with yellow. By making a pokemon hold the Masterball you trade it and in yellow you can clone it to have more of the best ball in the world. I would guess ( Full Answer )

What is difference between poke balls Pokemon?

Each type of poke ball have different capture rates depending on what ball it is for example Quick Balls are best when used at the beginning of a battle against a wild Pokemon.