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no, because there are no ions present.

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Q: Do polar molecules conduct energy as well as ionic molecules explain?
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Do polar molecules have ionic bonds?

Polar molecules typically do not conduct electricity as well as ionic molecules. This is because charges in polar molecules due to unequal sharing of electrons are not as strong as the charges on ions

How can you determine experimentally whether or not a substance is present in ionic or molecular form when in aqueous solution?

If the solution will conduct electricity it is ionic. Solutions made from molecules do not conduct electricity.

Explain why soluble starch does not conduct electricity?

Starch is an chain of sugar molecules, and the chain separates to its individual sugars when dissolved. Because sugars are made of C, H, and O, there are no metals and no ionic bonds in the molecule, so it does not conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

What form can an ionic compound conduct energy?

either in solution or in molten / fused state

What phenomenon about ionic compounds helps to explain many of these properties related to the molecules?

Opposites attract

What evidence is there ionic compounds exists as ions in their pure state while molecular compounds exist as molecules in their pure state?

Ionic compounds conduct electricity while molecular compounds do not

When can ionic compound conduct electric?

An ionic compound can conduct electricity when it is in solution or melted.

When can an ionic compound conduct electricity?

An ionic compound can conduct electricity when it is in solution or melted.

What molecules would you expect to dissolve in water polar covalent molecules ionic molecules nonpolar covalent molecules?

ionic molecules

Does ionic compounds conduct in electricity?

Ionic compounds will not conduct electricity as solids, which is what they are at room temperature. However, they will conduct electricity if molten or dissolved in water.

Are molecules covalent or ionic?

Molecules are covalent.

Can ionic compounds conduct electric current when melted?

Yes, ionic compounds can only conduct electricity when molten or dissolved.