Phantom Pregnancy

Do pregnancy tests come up positive if it is a phantom pregnancy?


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no... that kind of pregnancy is all in your head

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I have heard both yes and no for this however if you do research into it, its very possible for the test to come back positive because your mind tricks your body into believing its pregnant so the hormone levels will show signs of pregnancy

More than likely yes but there are only reasons why a pregnancy test could come up positive make an appointment with you doc and they will confirm it with you

It is remotely possible, but unlikely. If someone has used eight over the counter pregnancy tests and all have come up positive, that someone should see a doctor for other possibilities if pregnancy is not an option.

Yes you can. Pregnancy tests can come out positive weeks after a miscarriage. but you should still get checked by a doctor because you may have just been bleeding. you can't tell for sure if you had a miscarriage unless you see a doctor.

This depends on the brand and amount of money you wish to spend. Pregnancy tests that I have seen come in one or two. Read the box to see how many pregnancy tests are inside.

No Preg test are only looking for a hormone called HCG which is only present if you are preg or recently miscarried.

Sometimes your body will take awhile for a pregnancy test to come back positive. If you continue to not have a period, you should still check for pregnancy. A pregnancy test is most likely to show positive after your normal period time has come and gone.

I wouldn't rule out a phantom pregnancy it could be possible especially if you are longing for a child, I know someone it happened to on three occasions.If you're showing and nothing is coming back positive you may want to get an abdominal ultrasound to rule out any other abnormalities (or to confirm pregnancy)

Just possibly. Try more tests in a few days and consult a doctor.

It depends on the levels which the test takes. Some tests are high sensitive where others need more hcg to bring up a positive result.

I've done some research on this and apparently ovulation tests will come out positive if you are pregnant. As i understand it, ovulation tests pick up LH and HCG alike -- they don't differentiate. Pregnancy tests, however, only pick up HCG.

Yes it can come up positive. Usully, the results of a pregnancy test are false negatives, not positives. As these tests get more and more sensitive, it is definitely possible that it can correctly give you a correct positive reading at three weeks. I'd recommend a visit to the physician as soon as possible for a more accurate determination of your status and taking care of the pregnancy. 19 years ago my pregnancy was detected at three and one half weeks, so I know these tests are able to detect pregnancy very early on in some women.

A pregnancy test will come out positive all through your pregnancy because it is testing for HCG a hormone that is produced when you are pregnant all 9 months and a little after you give birth too.

If it's a pregnancy test the answer is no, A test can come back negative even though its positive. But if it's positive, it's positive 99% of the time.

You are pregnant. False positives are extremely rare, 2 false positives are even more rare

Yes, you could. You'd be surprised how many home tests come out negative. My suggestion, go see your Dr. for confirmation.

Pregnancy tests look for a hormone that is secreted by an implanted egg called hCG. It can only be detected if you are pregnant. If a pregnancy test is positive, it is best to follow-up with a provider for confirmation, but a negative result would not be due to a UTI.

The best way to find out if you are pregnant are the blood tests. I have been mislead by home pregnancy tests before. But in my situation they came up negative and my blood tests came up positive... I was in fact pregnant.

The same reason you could get one negative and three positive at home. Almost all pregnancy tests are around 98% accurate. The one at the doctors was most likely wrong and from he sounds of it a congratulations is in order! If you're still not convinced, (like me, I took 4 at home and 1 at the docs before I believed it!) get another test done by your GP.

Yes, a tubal pregnancy will still produce HCG and will still be detected by a pregnancy test.

Yes, unless you have taken medication that contains certain substances that affect the test. A doctor could tell you what these are or if you use a home kit it will often list the causes of a false positive.

Yes, it can. It is still a pregnancy, and does increase HCG levels

i had this with my first baby its because some tests arnt as accurate as they make out my mate did 10 home tests all negative went to the doctors and it was positive

if your hormones still read the pregnancy level than yes.

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