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Yes and that is exactly why they are added to the bread flour!

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What is an example of how chemicals make our lives easier?

Chemicals can keep bread fresher longer.

Can bread get mold on the counter top?

Bread can get mold anywhere. The people that make bread put preservatives in them which help to keep bread from not getting moldy. But the preservatives only last so long. And yes bread can get moldy on a counter top.

What do you call chemicals added to food to make them last longer?


What do you use to preserve bread?

Home made bread is usually made without preservatives at all. If it can be eaten in two or three days there is no need for chemical preservatives. I make my own bread a few times a week. The bread freezes well, so there's no need for extra preservatives, as is the case with commercial bread. I use the no knead method of of bread baking, which requires very little work but a small bit of patience while waiting for the bread to rise.

What is the difference between food preservatives and food additives?

Preservatives: Keep the food to last for longer. Additives: Make the food taste nicer or look nicer.

Why does a french stick not keep as well as soft rolls?

There is no preservative in French bread sticks, only flour, water, and a pinch of salt. Soft rolls have some fat in them (to make them more soft) and preservatives to keep them longer.

How can you make your bread more solid?

By mixing it longer

How do you make bread last longer?

Bread freezes quite well, and defrosts quickly, so freezing is a good way to keep bread fresh longer than if it is left out at room temperature.

Which bread will get mold the fastest white bread wheat bread butter bread or sweet bread?

White bread without preservatives will mold first. The butter and sugar will likely impede the growth, and wheat bread is usually drier than white bread. It would make an interesting experiment, using several controls (amount of water, temperature, sunlight, and amount of each substance on the bread)

What causes white bread to mold quicker than wheat bread?

White bread is wheat bread; it is made with bleached wheat flour. Many commercially produced white breads contain high amounts of sugar and artificial preservatives that make it slower to mold than natural whole grain bread.

How do you make bakers jam good for oven?

bakers jam can be made good by adding preservatives so that it would stay longer..

What product do the French make everyday?

Bread. Regular bread is made only of flour, water, a pinch of salt and one of yeast. There are no preservatives, added fat or additional chemicals, so you have to buy your bread every day or at most every other day.

What are some breads without preservatives?

Any bread can be made without preservatives- it will need to be consumed or frozen within a few days, or it starts to grow mold. "Artisan" breads- made at a local bakery that sells them directly to consumers usually do not have preservatives. Check with the bakery. Even better- learn how to bake (it is really not hard- I do it) and make some bread of your own. That way you know exactly what you put in it- and nothing tastes as good as bread warm from the oven.

Why does white bread mold faster than rye or wheat?

white bread molds faster because how the ingredients.Rye bread came from a country and wheat bread has nutrient in it which make it stay longer.

Why is brown bread faster to make than white bread?

Most of the dark breads that I make take longer in every part of the process than light colored breads...

Why should you keep bread airtight?

you should keep bread airtight because the more air that isn't circulating through that particular loaft of bread the softer the bread will stay and the fresher the bread will wouldn't have crustied up bread if you keep it airtight. air is of cours, going to insert itself inside the loaft of bread when you open up the loaft to grap you a piece. After you have grabbed you a piece of bread make sure you push as much air out of the bread bag as you can and it will prevent the bread for being less fresh.

Do certain types of breads mold faster than others?

It's not necessarily the "type" of bread that matters so much as the ingredients used to make it. Typical "white sliced loaves" should not mould too fast since most have added preservatives to inhibit mould growth. Hence they stale, but do not mould quite so quickly. Any bread with added preservatives will mould slower than those that do not have added preservatives (assuming they were baked on the same day).

How fresh are fast foods food?

Most food used at fast food restaurants is frozen, so it is not actually fresh. How long it is frozen before it is used is not known. After food are cooked, there is a hold time for how long it can be kept under the warming lights. Foods like lettuce that cannot be frozen usually contain preservatives to make it look fresher longer, but it is not known for how long.

Do food containing preservatives really stay fresh longer than foods without them?

Yes. The preservatives actually make the foods resistant to bacteria and other microscopic organisms that are harmful to humans. Simple ones, such as salt and vinegar, have been around for centuries and were valued highly for their properties to keep food around longer.

Does packaging make a difference to keeping bread fresh?

Yes! The less air, the fresher bread or any baked goods will keep. Refrigeration will retard the growth of mold, but will only add a day or so over not refrigerating it. There are actually vacuum bread containers that suck the air totally out so that you can keep homemade bread fresh for up to week, which is really pretty amazing for home-baked bread.

How do you cut tulips?

Tulips stems should be cut on a bias. To make them stay fresher for longer, cut them, then roll each stem in newspaper for 2 hours, then cut again.

Does puting ketchup from your refrigerator make tater tots tast better?

only if you like ketchup and if you like ketchup it might be better because it stay or seems fresher longer :)

Does bread make you thicker?

its like any other food: too much WILL make you fat but healthy foods take longer to do this

Why does soda pop take longer than water to make a nail rusty?

Because soda pop has preservatives that retard the rust process vs water which has nil.

How does plastic wrap affect your food?

Plastic Wrap keeps your food fresher for longer periods of time because it keeps air out. Exposure to air can make your food rot faster.

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