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Protestants WANT to be saved and know that if we believe in Jesus Christ, our souls WILL be saved and with him throughout infinity

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Q: Do protestants believe that you have to be saved?
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Do Catholics believe that Protestants are going to hell?

No i dont think they do :/ they believe what protestants believe and what they are is wrong but no catholic wishes anyone to go to hell Catholics believe that anyone whok lives a life of goodness and does not reject God may go to heaven. We live in the hope that all are saved.

What reformer taught that God knows who will be saved?

The Protestants

Do Protestants believe that Jesus was the son of God?

Yes, protestants believe Jesus is the son of God. Protestants are Christians and all Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah.

What do protestants believe that Christians don't?

Protestants are Christians.

Do Protestants believe in hell?


Do protestants believe in science?


Why did catholics and protestants fight over religion?

The protestants do not believe in the Pope as well as Mary.

Did protestants believe in good works?

Protestants did indeed believe in good works. However, they did not believe one could earn forgiveness through good works alone.

Do Anglicans believe once saved always saved?

I am not an Anglican but I share the same platform with them as a protestant. It depends with individuals. There are people who get saved and remain thus while others become wolves in sheep,s clothe. Yet, they claim they are saved. However, there is no criteria here on earth to know who is fully saved until the day we shall meet our maker. I am an Episcopalian or Anglican and we believe that Jesus saved us when he died and was resurrected. We do not believe, as the Baptists and other evangelicals, that you have to be reborn to be accepted into His kingdom. The Anglican Church is the 3rd major branch of Catholicism-we act as a bridge between the Protestants and the Roman & Orthodox. We celebrate all 7 sacraments like the Romans and the Orthodox but mainline Protestants only recognize Holy Baptism & Holy Communion.

Do protestants believe in original sin?


What is the difference between the Roman Catholic and Protestant religions?

The principal differences are: 1.) Catholics recognize tradition as having equal importance as scripture. Paul points this out in his 2nd letter to Timothy. 2.) Protestants generally do not accept the True Presence in the Eucharist or, if they do, it is only a temporary thing. Our Lord disappears after communion. 3.) Protestants do not accept the leadership of the pope. 4.) Catholics recognize 7 sacraments (all biblical) while most Protestants recognize only one or two. 5.) Most Protestants do not recognize the Deuterocanonical books of the Bible that are accepted by Catholics. 6.) Most Protestants do not recognize the perpetual virginity of Mary. 7.) While most Protestants recognize the Communion of Saints, their view of it is considerably divergent from the Catholic view. 8.) Most Protestants believe man is saved by faith alone. Catholics believe we are justified by faith but saved by good works. 9.) Catholics believe our souls must undergo a final cleansing as punishment for sins forgiven in Purgatory. Protestants do not.

Do Protestants believe that God the Father and Jesus His Son are one in the same person?

You are asking if Protestants believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, as Roman Catholics do, and the answer is Yes.

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