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The first European to see the Pacific Ocean was

Pardons from the pope for certain mistakes are called

The Inca Empire was conquered by

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Q: Do protestants believe in science
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Do Protestants believe that Jesus was the son of God?

Yes, protestants believe Jesus is the son of God. Protestants are Christians and all Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah.

What do protestants believe that Christians don't?

Protestants are Christians.

Do Protestants believe in hell?


Do protestants believe that you have to be saved?

Protestants WANT to be saved and know that if we believe in Jesus Christ, our souls WILL be saved and with him throughout infinity

Why did catholics and protestants fight over religion?

The protestants do not believe in the Pope as well as Mary.

Did protestants believe in good works?

Protestants did indeed believe in good works. However, they did not believe one could earn forgiveness through good works alone.

Do protestants believe in original sin?


Do Protestants believe that God the Father and Jesus His Son are one in the same person?

You are asking if Protestants believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, as Roman Catholics do, and the answer is Yes.

When do liberal protestants believe life begins?

They believe life begins at birth

What does Protestant believe?

Protestants do not believe in the pope or they do not believe in saints either.They only believe in Jesus Christ and god. Protestants DO believe in saints, and in essence, all Christians are saints. However, Protestants do not pray to saints and believe that they should intercede on their behalf. They pray to Jesus Christ (God) only!! Likewise they do not pray to Mary, Jesus' mother. She is not devinity.

What type of afterlife do Protestants believe in?

pain and suffering

Do protestants believe on Valentine's Day?

Protestants are free to celebrate St. Valentine's day if they choose, but they do not believe "in" it, that is they do not rest any article of their faith "in" Valentine's Day.

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