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yes....some protists make their own food.

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Do all protists make their own food?

Not all protists make their own food. Plant-like protists and fungi-like protists do. Animal-like protists do not make their own food.

Do protists make food?

yes they do make their own food.

What are protists that contain chlorophyll and can make their own food called?

Like plants, many species of protists can make their own food by the process of photosynthesis.

How do protists obtain food?

They make their own food. They are autotrophs

Are protists decomposers or producers?

Protists are producers because they can make their own food.

How are Fungi and Protists alike?

Fungi and protists are alike in that fungi and protists cannot make their own food.

Does protists make food?

Yes, there are some protists that can make there own food, that is, they are autotrophs. Some are heterotrophs and much consume nutrients.

Which pair of kingdoms has members that can make their own food can make their own?

plants and protists

Do animal-like and plant-like protists make their own food?

Animal-like protists do not make their own food, they are consumers, which are things that consume (take in) food. Plant-like protists can, because they use photosynthesis:the process in which a plant (including plant-like protists) makes its own food with sunlight.

Can animals make food?

No. Only plants, protists, and monerans can make their own food.

How do algae get their food?

They are plant-like group of protists that can make their own food.

Can plants and protists make there own food?

yes with chloroplast

Which kingdom has living things that make their own food?

The bacteria, the protists , the plants, the monera, and the fungi make their own food.

Is it true that protists that can make their own food are offten called animal-like protists?

False. They are plant-like protists.

Do Proists Make Food?

Yes and no. There are producing and consuming protists; which means some will eat their food, and others will make it. There are also some protists, such as Euglena, that both prey on other protists and produce its own.

What is the term for the process protists use to make their own food?


What is animal-like protists?

hetorotrophs that can move,but can not make their own food

Living things that can make their own food?

Archaebacteria, eubacteria, and some protists.

What kingdom has organisms that can make their own food other than protists?


Do fungis plants monerans protists and animals make their own food?


How are protists like both plants and animals?

All animal-like protists are heterotrophs (can not make their own food) and are able to move in their environment in order to find their food. Animal-like protists are all unicellular. Plant-like protists are autotrophic (make their own food like plants). Many are unicellular (single cells) but some are many cells.

Describe four ways that protists get food?

Protists get food in many ways. Some protists can make their own food. Other protisits eat other organisms, parts or products of other organism, or the remains of other organisms.

What organism can make its own food?

The autotrophs. Plants, some protists and some bacteria.

What is an plant-like protists classification?

they make their own food during Photsynthesis.

Are protista heterotrophic or autotrophic?

Animal protists are autotrophic in nature. Plant-like protists are heterotrophic in nature. Autotrophs make their own food and food for other organisms.

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