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Yes. Even pulling hair from the roots will grow back because the folicle is still active. If you have electrolisis or laser done, you will effectively kill the hair folicle and no more hair would grow. But that type of treatment can take up to 10 times before you are 100% hair free. Your hair growth happens in cycles, and laser/electro hair removal must be done while the hair is actively growing.

AnswerAnother way to think about this is: why not simply shave the area? The hairless look will pass, like every other look. In a few years you may regret the decision to look like you haven't reached puberty yet. ANSWERWhat kind of dumb asnwer is that? just shave? don't listen to this idiot, stick to answers not your idea of what a pubic area should look like...electrolisis or waxing is the best way to stay bald for a longer period...
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Q: Do pubic hairs grow back if you pull them from the roots?
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Will pubic hairs grow longer and faster if trimmed?

Your pubic hairs grow thicker when you shave. But when you trim it grows out how it usually does.

Does hair grow back?

Yes, If the roots are alive, hairs can be regrown, its my experience.

Do root hairs grow into lateral roots?


Do the root hairs protect the roots as they grow into the soil?

Yes it does.

What are Large roots that grow deep in the ground?

thorns and stinging hairs

When you shave your pubic hairs will they be spiky forever?

No, when you shave your pubic hair the hair does not stay spikey forever. The hair will grow in spikey because it was cut during shaving so this leaves a blunt end, but as hair grows it may soften. Once you stop shaving the hairs will start to grow back in naturally, thus not spikey either.

If you shave your pubic hairs will they grow back thicker and longer?

yeah, I'm not completely sure, but i think that if you haven't shaved them before, then they probably will grow back a little thicker, and darker. but I'm not sure about longer. i think they'll grow back at the same rate as normal.

How long do teeth roots take to grow back?

Roots of teeth do not grow back.

What are root hairs in plants?

They are just tiny roots that grow from other roots and look a bit like hair.

Do cilia hairs grow back?


What are root hairs?

Pretty self explanatory, root hairs are hairs on roots. Root hairs are basically tiny projections on the root which can grow through the spaces between soil particles, and they add a great amount of surface area to the roots. result: more water intake.

If you shave your pubic hair does it grow back?

Yes it does.

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