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Yes, they do

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Q: Do puppy training pads really work?
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Its it good to use puppy training pads while you puppy is recovering from being spayed?

It depends on the dog. If the weather is bad or if you can't be home with it Puppy Training pads can work well.

Do rabbits have an uncontrollable bladder?

Not usually, my daughter's rabbit is litterbox trained and does not have accidents. my rabbit didn't want to use a litter box, so we got puppy training pads, which work just fine.

Can spaying lessen aggressive puppy biting?

Socializing and training the puppy will work better to alleviate biting. Make sure that the puppy has appropriate toys to teethe on.

How do you train an 'inside ' dog to pee and poop in a designated area?

using puppy pads seem too work

Do pear pads really work in the shows?

I doubt it. I think they just make really big pads with a pear on the back and a fake screen.

How to Make the Puppy Training Process More Successful?

Puppy training can be a frustrating process, but it’s well worth a family’s time and efforts. An obedient puppy makes for a great addition to a household. No matter what type of puppy training a family undertakes, there are a few tips for success. In fact, there are specific practices that prove helpful in the puppy training process. The first step toward successful puppy training is to be consistent. After all, a puppy learns through repetition. In other words, if a family member tells the puppy to stay, he or she must follow through and make sure the puppy has obeyed the command. Telling a puppy to stay and then letting it wander away into another room will not help it to learn. In order for puppy training to be successful, a puppy must obey a command each and every time. The next step toward successful puppy training is to make sure that all members of the household participate in the project. For example, one family’s plan may be to stop their puppy from jumping up on visitors who arrive at the front door. In order for the training to work, each family member must be dedicated to instructing the puppy when he or she sees it jump. In short, if some family members allow the puppy to do what it wants while others issue instruction, the puppy will not absorb the lesson. All family members must work together to make a success of the puppy training process. The last and most important step in the puppy training process is the use of praise and reward. When a puppy relieves itself outside or stays when it is told to, it’s important to praise its behavior. Offering a puppy a small food reward or patting its fur lets the pet know that its behavior has pleased its owner. In addition, giving a puppy a reward right after it follows a command reinforces the particular lesson. Soon, the puppy will follow a command even if it’s not always offered a treat afterward. A reward or excited words of praise from an owner serve as effective tools in the realm of puppy training.

Do noise suppressing shims on brake pads really work?


How to Conduct a Search for a Puppy Training Professional?

A puppy training professional can help an owner work with a canine to teach it the basics of obedience. Not only can a puppy training professional teach a canine how to sit, stay, and come, he or she can also give an owner valuable advice regarding dog ownership. In order to end up with an obedient canine, puppy training must be done in a thorough way. Consequently, for a new puppy owner, finding the right puppy training professional is an important task.First, an owner can search for the name of a puppy training professional at his or her local veterinarian’s office. A vet will often know the names of professionals who can help with puppy training. Sometimes a puppy training professional will even post a flier with his or her basic information on a bulletin board in the waiting room of a veterinarian’s office. A puppy training professional who’s recommended by a veterinarian is likely to be in great demand.The second way to find a puppy training professional is to check with a local animal shelter. Animal shelter workers deal with dogs and puppies on a daily basis and would likely know of a puppy training professional. Furthermore, someone with a love for dogs who volunteers at the shelter may know a successful puppy training professional. In other words, in order to find a person who makes a living training puppies, it’s helpful to consult people who work in the field of animal care.Another avenue to finding a puppy training professional is to call a successful dog breeder. Chances are the person has had contact with a puppy training professional at one time or another. The breeder has probably encountered customers over the years who have inquired about a puppy training professional. The breeder may be able to refer a person to a puppy training professional with a wonderful reputation. In short, a canine breeder often has access to many dog-related resources.Patience, persistence, and knowledge of dogs are three qualities found in an effective puppy training professional. It’s worth an owner’s time and effort to seek out the most capable puppy training professional for the job.

Are you going crazy if you want a puppy really really bad?

no. its not bad to want something, you just have to work for it.

How to get a chihuahua potty trained?

Okay, I' guessing it is a puppy so this is what you should do: at first, the puppy shouldn't be allowed into the garden until it has at least had its first injection. you should have newspaper down in everyroom which the puppy is allowed- also have one by the front and back door. Use a simple command such as do wee's everytime the puppy goes on the paper. (even of they don't go to toliet) Dont fprce the puppy to pee as ti will just get uncomfertable, you also have to remember it may go to toliert on the paper one, but that doesn't mean it will remember the next day! If the puppy goes to toliet anywhere other than the mat, don't get really cross, use an easy word like "AHH" and use it in harsh tones. Then pick up the puppy and put it straight on the paper and after into a crate/cage which it should already have - don't think of i so much as a punishment for the pup, but a cage/crate is where it escapes from people and feels sercure. If you are still have trouble training the puppy with the command etc. buy some training pads, they can be bought at most pet shops and work dreams. The scent attract the puppy to go to the toliet- hope this helps.

How meany hours a day should a puppy be trained?

Puppy training is continual. You should set aside thirty minutes to an hour to work with the puppy on specific things, but you have to reinforce the behavior you are teaching the puppy all the time. You need to reward the puppy when it does what you want it to (ie, treats, playing with the puppy) and scold it when it does something bad (ie saying no, bad,).

Teach puppy to use puppy pad?

it is really really easy, you have to sit them on the pad and leave them there for a while, sometimes the puppy might pee or poop where else, if they poop somewhere else yo pic up the poop, set it on the pad and let them sniff it, the puppy will know where to poop (might not work on all puppies)

Do clearasil rapid action pads work?

I am thinking of trying them but I'm not really sure if I should...

How long does it take for acne pads to work and do they really work?

All acne medications including acne pads should be given at least 2 weeks to see if they work for you, they should give you results within 1 or 2 weeks, they work for some people not all, everyone has different skin so it all really depends on your skin type

What training do you have to go through to be a waitress?

It really depends on where you work. If you work for a privately owned restaurant then the answer is more than likely no training. However, if you work at a chain restaurant then you will go through training. Like I said earlier it depends on what restaurant you are working at as to the type and length of training.

Toilet training a puppy?

3 methods: 1. watch the puppy day in and day out for 1-3 days for signs of relieving itself, (sniffing, squatting down, etc.) then rush to carry it outside onto the grass to relieve itself, this should work after a few days as the pup relizes he is to go OUTSIDE and not inside, then you will have to take him/her out regularly every few hours but you won't have to watch them 2. (indoor training) cover the entire floor in whatever you want the pup to pee on, (newspapers, puppy pads, etc.) then slowly, day by day, make the amount of actual floor larger and amount of pads/newspapers less, by taking it away, until there is only a small patch left, and the pup will "go" on that. 3. get a doggie door that he puppy can go through when they need to go, by gently shoving them out it when they need to go, they should handle the rest themselves, similar to method one...

What Do you do when the puppies teeth is growing and puppy is crying and hurts is there anything to help him?

Give the puppy something to chew like a rubber ring. Those really work. Something hard will stop the itch and the pain that the puppy is having in the teeth and gum.

How can you learn to train your puppy?

The best place to start is in a puppy kindergarten class. Puppies go through a critical socialization period when it is important for them to spend time playing with other puppies their age and meeting as many new people and new dogs as possible. A puppy kindergarten class is the ideal place to do that. It's also a good place to learn some basic training techniques and work with an expert trainer who can answer questions when problems arise. Puppy classes typically cover all the common issues of puppy owners, including toilet training, chewing, nipping, jumping up, walking politely on a leash, and coming when called. With puppies it is important to make training fun and not to use force. Force applied to immature bodies can cause permanent damage to growth plates and stunt or deform bone development. Luring is the preferred method for training puppies. You can learn a lot about puppy training from Dr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and the world's leading authority on luring training. He's made two of his puppy training books available for free download on the Internet (see links below).

Do acupeds foot pads work?

Yes, the Acupeds foot pads do work. They are basically used as natural detoxifiers. According to the various reviews the Acupeds foot pads do work.

What should you eat right after training?

chocolate milk is really good for you after a work out

What should you know about getting a puppy?

They are ALOT of work. You really have to spend a lot of time with them, especially in training them from the time they are puppies so that way the behaviors will be instilled in them at a young age, which is when they learn the most and it is kept in the brain. They are a lot of fun and good company, but you have to make sure you are willing to put in the work. They are like children...except a little crazier!

Do Clearasil acne control pore cleansing pads work?

it dries out the skin A LOT if you use it too much. use it really,really gently on your face,if that where you have acne

How do you train puppy?

Paragraph summarising the very first stages of puppy training; Training puppies is a difficult stage and involves consistent work and patience. You must start off very simply and ensure all breakable or hazardous objects from the training area (preferably a wide, open space) are removed. Please take into account, your puppies' first training sessions will be frustrating which is why it is strictly important that aggressiveness towards the dog is kept to a low level.

How to Find Dog Training Supplies For Your Puppy?

Training your puppy can be a tiresome task, and at such a young age all they want to do is play and be mischievous – much like kids! However, it is your job as a surrogate mother to control their behavior and train them as early on as possible. By doing this it can pave the way for an easier life in the future. So where should you begin to look for dog training supplies? Well, the internet has a wealth of information and resources on dog training and there are various websites selling good quality training products. • Once you have given your puppy a name, you should start using it as much as possible so that the puppy will eventually start responding to their name. With the use of toys and snacks, start rewarding your puppy once they show recognition and start responding to their name. It’s a matter of drilling the process, so keep repeating his or her name and rewarding once they start responding. • Go to your local pet store, or perhaps look on the internet, for the essential dog training supplies. You should be looking at a good quality lead for the puppy, and trying to introduce it as early on as possible. Also, whilst you’re at the store or browsing on the net, you may as well stock up on food supplies, toys, dog beds and other tidbits that will make your puppy feel comfortable in their new surroundings • When it comes to finding the right training products for your puppy, you shouldn’t rely on gut instinct. Instead, it’s much better to speak to other people who have gone through puppy training and find out what worked and what didn’t for them. Some people, for instance may find that the use of a whistle might work for their puppy in obedience training. If puppy training is done from an early age, and it’s done with love and affection it can result in an easier life for you when the puppy grows up - something not to be passed up on!

Where can you get kinoki detox foot pads?

You can find them at Walgreen's if you have one, that's where I got mine and they seem to work! or I had really dirty feet.