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Do rabbits eat flowers?

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Yes, rabbits eat flowers.

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What kinds of flowers do rabbits eat?

Dandelion flowers

Which animals eat flowers?

Deer, rabbits, skunks, caterpillars, Cattles and most herbivores eat flowers.

Can rabbits eat daisy?

No, they are flowers. Most flowers are poisonous to pet rabbits. Instead, feed your rabbit dandelions! Those are edible wildflowers that rabbits love!

What animals eat flowers other then rabbits?


What flowers can rabbits eat?

dandelions only dandelions only

What types of flowers dont rabbits like to eat?

a daffodil

Will rabbits eat crocus?

Yes, rabbits will try and eat crocus flowers when they see them. But DON'T feed them it , though. It will give them diarrhea.

Do rabbits like to eat zinnias?

Rabbits do eat flowers, and they will eat almost any vegetation if what they like best isn't available. Wild rabbits do eat zinnias but they are not a rabbit's first choice. Flowers are not a regular part of a healthy rabbit's diet. If you feed flowers to your pet rabbit, consider them a treat only. See the related question (linked below) for more information.

What animal eats pumpkin flowers?

Several animals will eat pumpkin flowers, the fruit, or the plant itself. The ones that eat the flowers are usually rabbits, deer, and rodents.

What types of animals eat flowers?

Rabbits and Deer eat flowers and there are MANY more animals that eat flowers so i recommend buying Animal Replant Spray if animals are eating your garden!

Can rabbits eat dianthus?

No. Most flowering plants are unhealthy for domestic rabbits. And dianthus is one of just the many flowers that make rabbits ill. If your rabbit consumes these flowers, the result can be diarrhea and/or an upset stomach.

Do wild rabbits eat sunflower plants?

Wild rabbits do not really eat sunflower plants. They will eat sunflower seeds and other green weeds and various flowers.

Do rabbits eats grass?

no they eat clovers and some times lil flowers

Do any kinds of animals eat the flower asters?

Rabbits are one kind of animals that eat the aster flowers. They seem to find them delicious. Deer will also eat aster flowers.

What eats the rabbit?

rabbits eat flowers and vegetables in spring and summer ,in fall and winter . rabbits eat green leaf plants ,grass herbs. in winter eat twigs ,bark ,fruit of bushes and trees .rabbits eat two meal each day .

Can rabbit's eat rose peltal?

No, rabbits shouldn't eat any house flowers that were grown on bushes or trees. They can eat dandelions though.

Can rabbits eat nasturtiums?

Yes, rabbits can eat nasturtiums. In the gardening community, nasturtiums are reputed to repel rabbits from your garden because rabbits hate them so much; however, they aren't toxic, and some bunny owners say their bunnies love them! Many flowers can be a nice treat for bunnies, but don't let your rabbit gorge on flowers because they aren't as high fibre as hay. Rabbits should eat lots and lots of hay every day to keep their teeth and digestive system healthy, and if they gorge on flowers, they may "spoil" their appetite.

Does a rabbit eat roses?

No way! Most fancy flowers are poisonous to rabbits. Also the rose bushes' thorns can cut the rabbits mouth and esophagus.

What does the brush rabbit eat?

Brush rabbits eat green clover, bark and leaves, grasses and vines.

What animals do wild rabbits eat?

rabbits do not eat animals they only eat wild grasses, herbs, flowers, leaves, and twigs. they also consume some fruits, vegetables, and grains as they come across them, but these do not make up a large part of their diet. rabbits mostly eat lettuce, carrots and vegetables.

Can rabbits eat flowers?

Actually, they can. But rabbits prefer carrots, more lettuce, because when you give a rabbit a carrot, it only eats the green lettuce part.

What do rabbits consume?

In the wild they would eat grass, bark from trees, flowers and vegetables if they live near a farm. Pet rabbits eat all of these as well as fruit, rabbit food, hay, and even biscuits!

What kind of garden flowers do wild rabbits eat?

rabbit eats grass ,flower an other kinds of foods

Can you eat rabbits?

yes you can eat rabbits.

Food chain for slugs?

slugs eat lettuces thrushes eat slugs sparrowhawks eat thrushes rabbits eat lettuces foxes eat rabbits sparrowhawks eat rabbits rabbits eat grass