Do rabbits eat flowers

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Yes, rabbits eat flowers.

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Q: Do rabbits eat flowers
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What kinds of flowers do rabbits eat?

Dandelion flowers

What animals eat flowers other then rabbits?


Which animals eat flowers?

Deer, rabbits, skunks, caterpillars, Cattles and most herbivores eat flowers.

Can rabbits eat daisy?

No, they are flowers. Most flowers are poisonous to pet rabbits. Instead, feed your rabbit dandelions! Those are edible wildflowers that rabbits love!

What flowers can rabbits eat?

dandelions only dandelions only

What types of flowers dont rabbits like to eat?

a daffodil

What flowers rabbits eat?

dandelions only dandelions only

Will rabbits eat crocus?

Yes, rabbits will try and eat crocus flowers when they see them. But DON'T feed them it , though. It will give them diarrhea.

What animal eats pumpkin flowers?

Several animals will eat pumpkin flowers, the fruit, or the plant itself. The ones that eat the flowers are usually rabbits, deer, and rodents.

What types of animals eat flowers?

Rabbits and Deer eat flowers and there are MANY more animals that eat flowers so i recommend buying Animal Replant Spray if animals are eating your garden!

Do rabbits eats grass?

no they eat clovers and some times lil flowers

Do rabbits like to eat zinnias?

Rabbits do eat flowers, and they will eat almost any vegetation if what they like best isn't available. Wild rabbits do eat zinnias but they are not a rabbit's first choice. Flowers are not a regular part of a healthy rabbit's diet. If you feed flowers to your pet rabbit, consider them a treat only. See the related question (linked below) for more information.

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