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No, they are grazers.

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How do rabbits gather their food?

rabbits can not die if people feed them in the winter and they are pet's the will eat pellets

How do rabbits gather food?

Rabbits graze, which means they walk around nibbling grass and other short plants.

How does a monkey gather food?

how do monkeys gather food to survive?

Did Aztec's gather food?

yes Aztec did gather food

How did the Algonquin's gather food?

They hunted food or trapped them then gather them up

How do lions gather their food?

Lions gather their food by hunting animals.

How does a carp gather food?

carp do not gather food, they suck it of the bottom

How does a giraffe gather its food?

a giraffe gather its food above trees

How do giant pandas gather their food?

how do giant pandas gather there food

How does a desert gather food?

Deserts are inanimate regions, non-living. They do not gather food. Humans and other animals living in deserts do gather food, however.

How do elephants gather food?

Elephants gather food with their trunks by scooping it up and into their mouths

How did the aboriginal gather their food?

The aboriginal males hunted with spears and boomerangs to gather food.

How do animals in the Amazon rainforest gather food?

They gather food hunting its prey down

What did aborigines gather?

what food did aboriginal people gather

What does a jackrabbit do to get food?

they gather their food

How do bears gather and store food?

Bears do not gather and store food except as fat in their bodies,

How sharks gather food?

sharks typically aren't gatherers, though the females do gather food for their offspringl, but aside from that sharks in general do not gather, they hunt.

What is the possessive form of rabbits?

The possessive form for the plural noun rabbits is rabbits'.

Do bacteria gather food?

move to where the food is

What is the difference of how mollusks gather food and how bivalves gather food?

There is no difference, all bi-valves ARE mollusks!

How does a humming bird gather food?

Hummingbirds do not "gather" food. They go from flower to flower and drink nectar.

What is a rabbits food source?

a rabbits food sources are berries, grass, clovers and other vegetable's

Who brought the rabbits to England?

The Normans, they bred rabbits for food.

What do rabbits compete for?

rabbits compete for food, shelter and territory

How does a grass snake gather food?

They don't 'gather' food (like a squirrel would gather nuts for example) - they hunt prey by using their tongue to sense what is around them.

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