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yes very sharp claws, there like a cats

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Q: Do rabbits have retractable claws
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Do squirrels have retractable claws?

No, a squirrels claws are not retractable.

What kind of dog has retractable claws?

Retractable claws are claws that can be extended when needed and can be withdrawn into the paw, and out of the way, when not needed. Cats have retractable claws.

Do fennec foxes have retractable claws?

No, only the gray fox has retractable claws.

Does a cat have retractable paws?

No, a cat does not have retractable paws it has retractable claws

What jungle cat does not have retractable claws?

Fishing cats. They live in the jungle and their claws do not retract.

Are fisher's claws retractable?


Can dogs claws be pulled back?

No, dog's claws are not retractable.

Do lions have retractable claws?

No, Lions like most other wild cats and even our house cats have retractable claws. Cheetahs are the only cats with semi-retractable claws and they also lack claw sheaths making the claws appear to be sticking out more. A few other cats like the Fishing Cat has retractable claws but lack the claw sheath, so it may look as if the claws are always out...

Who is the superhero with retractable claws?


Which of the following animals do not have retractable claws?


Are sloth claws retractable?


Does a lynx have retractable claws?

No they don't.