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radio waves do not need a medium to travel through.

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radio waves do not require a medium to travel,it can even travel through vaccum

no they do not, they can travel through vacuums and do not need particles to travel as sound waves do. radio waves are transverse waves whereas sound waves are not

Mechanical waves such as sound and vibration require a medium in which to travel. Electromagnetic waves such as radio and light need no transmission medium.

a wave. Electromagnetic waves (such as light or radio waves) do not need a medium to travel through. Mechanical waves (such as sound waves) require a medium (matter) to travel through.

Mechanical waves, such as sound waves travel through a medium. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

No, a radio wave is not a mechanical wave. A radio wave is a form of electromagnetic (EM) energy, and it does not require a medium through which to travel like a mechanical wave does. Radio waves can travel through the vacuum of space. Let's contrast that with a mechanical wave.A mechanical wave involves the transfer of mechanical energy into and through a medium. Sound waves (which travel through air) and water waves (which move through water) are mechanical waves. They cannot travel without a medium through which to move.

Of course, they are similar to visible light waves, just a different wavelength and frequency. Indeed, many electromagnetic waves (radio waves) can travel through solid objects and water depending on the frequency and the medium through which they travel. If radio waves couldn't travel through the atmosphere, your radio wouldn't receive a signal, hence no music.

A wave simply travels through the medium. Think of it this way: Radio waves are permeating every cubic inch of our planet every second of the day, moving from the radio tower to your radio, yet the air through which those waves are moving is not coming directly to your radio; the air is staying relatively still while the waves move through it to get to you. Or, think of it this way: If you're inside, when the radio waves travel through your wall to reach your radio, your wall does not come flying towards your radio with the waves; it stays where it is and the waves pass through it.

Yes. By definition, surface waves will travel at or near the surface of a medium. Only electromagnetic waves (light, radio, & etc) can travel through a vacuum.

Waves need not require medium to travel through. Only Mechanical waves like sound waves require medium to travel through. Electromagnetic waves travel in vaccum like light waves. Some waves transmitted in a medium due to disturbances in the medium .

they are electro magnetic waves. this means they do not need a medium to travel through

Vacuum is not a medium. Considering waves, mechanical waves require a medium (such as air) to travel. Electromagnetic waves (such as visible light and radio waves) do not require a medium, and are the only waves (that we know of) that can travel through a vacuum. I have heard of a gravity wave, which may be a third type of wave. I don't know much about them. These would also travel through a vacuum.

Some waves called mechanical waves e.g sound need a medium to travel through while electromagnetic waves need no medium to travel through e.g light

Sound waves travel through any medium with the exception of vacuum. The denser the medium, the faster the sound waves travel, because the waves can be farther apart..

a medium. but longitudinal waves do not have to travel through a medium. This is why transverse waves cannot vibrate through space.a medium. but longitudinal waves do not have to travel through a medium. This is why transverse waves cannot vibrate through space.

Electromagnetic waves such as light and radio waves may travel through free space. That is how we get the warmth and light from our Sun. Pressure waves need a distinct medium in which to travel - in which to generate their pressure. Sound waves would be an example, whough weather patterns also need a medium. Vibration waves such as sound may also travel through a solid.

Light waves do, but sound waves cannot, because in space is no medium to carry the vibration. Radio, TV and others can travel in space also.

Unlike electromagnetic waves such as radio and television or light which can travel through the vacuum of space, sound waves travel by the compression and decompression of molecules in the medium through which they are passing. The medium must be compressible, whether it be gas, liquid or solid, and there are none of these in the vacuum of space.

Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

waves are easily travel in medium.....

Electromagnetic waves can travel through any medium as they are non- mechanical waves. They can also travel through vacuum.

They travel through a material medium.

Sound waves need a medium to travel through - the medium may be solid, liquid, or gaseous. Electromagnetic waves (including light) can also travel through empty space.

It is electromagnetic radiation that needs no medium to travel in. Gamma rays, light and radio waves, all forms of electromagnetic radiation, can travel through the vacuum of space very well. In fact, they prefer it.

Unlike sound waves, which require a medium to travel, radio waves are electromagnetic waves requiring no medium. Visible light is an electromagnetic wave and needs no medium; comprised of photon particles, they travel in a vacuum much like a baseball would, although massless.

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