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radio waves do not require a medium to travel,it can even travel through vaccum

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What type of transmission medium is used by wireless communication?

optical fiber is the transmission medium that is used by wireless communication or radio waves.

What is a disturbance that moves through some type of matter or space?

a wave. Electromagnetic waves (such as light or radio waves) do not need a medium to travel through. Mechanical waves (such as sound waves) require a medium (matter) to travel through.

What type of mediam carries sound the fastest Examples?

Electromagnetic waves are the medium that carries sound the fastest. Examples include the radio waves.

Is vacuum a medium?

Vacuum is not a medium. Considering waves, mechanical waves require a medium (such as air) to travel. Electromagnetic waves (such as visible light and radio waves) do not require a medium, and are the only waves (that we know of) that can travel through a vacuum. I have heard of a gravity wave, which may be a third type of wave. I don't know much about them. These would also travel through a vacuum.

Which type of waves can only travel through a medium?

Any wave needs a medium to travel through. A mechanical wave needs matter. In the case of electromagnetic waves, no matter is required; empty space is the medium in this case.

What type of waves is as big as buildings?

These are medium, low and very low frequency radio waves as well as ultra low, super low and extremely low frequency waves.

Are AM radio waves are an example of longitudinal waves?

No. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves; electroctromagnetic waves are transverse waves.

Is a radio mechanical energy?

No. Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic waves.

What type of wave happens in a medium?

The waves that propagate through particles of a medium are mechanical waves (aka waves of vibration).

What type of wave is radio waves?

Radio waves is electromagnetic waves, with wavelengths of 1 millimeter or more.

What type of medium is required by light waves?

Unlike waves in water, for example, light waves don't require a medium at all. They can (and do) travel through a complete vacuum, for example. If you'd like to read about this, the wikipedia article on light, and also on 'The Aether' will be of interest.

Which type of wave require a medium?

Mechanical waves require a medium

Which type of waves can be transmitted through vacuum?

Waves like sound waves require a medium (Matter... Ex. air or water) To travel through. Light waves, gravity waves, x-rays, heat, and radio waves are all EM (electromagnetic) waves, and can in a vacuum.

What do baby monitors have to do with Electromagnetic waves?

The monitoring device is a radio transmitter that sends signals to the radio transmitter. Radio waves are a type of Electromagnetic waves.

What humans use radio waves?

the type of humans use radio waves are rich people

What does a radio transform waves into?

A different type of waves, sound.

What type of waves require a medium?

All types require a medium. Light waves require the free space medium, z= h/Q2 .

What type of waves does not require a medium to travel through?

Classical physics would suggest electromagnetic(i.e. light, radio, x-rays) waves, gravitational waves - but some modern theoretical physicists might disagree!

What type of waves do not require a medium?

Energy waves include sub folders

What type of wave requires no medium to travel through?

there are no waves that can travel without a medium, that why waves don't exsist in space.

What type of wave has the lowest frequency?

Radio waves in electromagnetic waves/water waves

What type of wave needs a medium?

A mechanical wave requires a medium to pass through. There are transverse waves which do require a medium for their transmission. For example, water waves.

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