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Q: Do rattlesnakes like water
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What do rattlesnakes like to do?

rattlesnakes like to eat and like to sleep.mice

Can rattlesnakes bite in water?

Yes, rattlesnakes can bit while in water. They are excellent swimmers.

Do rattlesnakes swim above or below water?

above the water

Do rattlesnakes like to play with anything?

Rattlesnakes do not play with anything.

Does a rattlesnake drink water?

Like all other snakes, rattlesnakes usually get the water they need from the food they eat, which varies depending on the type of rattlesnake. However, sometimes rattlesnakes suck in some water from a puddle or pond.

Do rattlesnakes live in the water?


What do rattlesnakes need to survive?

Rattlesnakes, like other species of snakes need adequate food and water to survive. They also need adequate shelter that will provide protection from the elements as well as protection from predators.

What do rattlesnakes sound like?


How do rattlesnakes get water from their food?

The food that it get has a juice inside it

How do rattlesnakes get oxygen?

Like all land animals, rattlesnakes get oxygen by absorbing it into their blood through their lungs.

Does rattlesnakes drink water?

Yes, all living things drink water.

Why do rattlesnakes need water to survive?

All animals need water to survive.

Do rattlesnakes drop venom pouch to drink water?

No. The sacks which contain a rattlesnakes venom are just held at the base of its mouth.

What do diamondback rattlesnakes like to eat?

Rattlesnakes consume mice, rats, small birds and other small animals.

What are the basic needs for rattlesnakes?

Food, water, oxygen and shelter are the basic needs of most any organism, including rattlesnakes.

What are rattlesnakes called in the desert?

Rattlesnakes are called rattlesnakes in the desert and elsewhere.

What do diamondback rattlesnakes babies look like?

Like miniature versions of the adults.

Where do rattlesnakes lay eggs?

rattlesnakes lay live young like two other snakes.

Where do rattlesnakes get venom?

Like all venomous snakes, rattlesnakes produce their venom in glands inside the head that are similar to salivary glands.

How does rattlesnakes move?

they slither like all the other snakes.

Is the massasaugua poisonous?

Yes, like all rattlesnakes it is venomous.

What are rattlesnakes covered with?

scales & skin like other snakes.

What does a rattlesnakes scales feel?

like fish scales mostly

Does a rattlesnake have an exoskeleton?

No. Rattlesnakes are vertebrates and thus have an endoskeleton like we do.

Are there rattlesnakes in Scotland?

There are no rattlesnakes in Scotland.