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Q: Do red belly piranhas reproduce sexually?
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Can pacus and piranha live together?

Yes, they are from the same family, but i dont know if Red Belly Pacus can be kept with Black Belly Piranhas. Red belly Pacus can be kept with Red belly piranhas.

Why Do red belly piranhas have to be kept in odd numbers?

They don't

Are piranhas good pets for teens or kids?

piranhas are good for teens but kids watch out for them ,not that they will kill them but the black belly and yellow belly are more mean than red belly piranha

How does the red belly snake reproduce?

it lays the egg

Where do red pandas reproduce?

Pandas don't have a certain place of reproducing but they do reproduce sexually! They usually have their babies from May - July

Are all piranhas red?

No, auctually most piranhas aren't red like the Black Piranha

What is the human impact on red piranhas?

Humans eat Red Piranhas. We are their number one predator.

What does a piranhas look like?

There are 3 main types of Piranhas. Here is the List from LEAST aggressive to HIGHLY aggressive. 1) Least aggressive is the Red Belly Piranha. It has a bad reputation and old myths about how they would kill and eat anything. But the piranha will not attack or kill a human. It still eats and can kill, Fish; Worms; Insects; Mice; Birds... ETC. 2) Golden Belly Piranha, i know little of this pirahna except that it is said it cannot be kept with anything but itself (Same type of pirahna). They are very hard to find and are endangered. Like the Black Pirahna. (SEE 3) 3) Black Belly Piranha is highly, the MOST aggressive piranhas known. They are black and will eat ANYTHING. If you circle the tank the black belly will FOLLOW you thinking it can attack you. It will kill anything and eat it. It is compatible with the Red belly and its own kind. Its not as often seen as a red belly. There has never been a record of a Black Belly Piranha being bred with the Red, and Golden Bellied Piranhas. THE PIRANHA IN GENERAL: It has a round face, and usually has very sharp teeth. It face cuves as it has very dramaticly pointed fins. the back fin is usually a v-shape and there is a small upper and a red under belly fin. (THIS CASE IT IS A RED BELLY PIRANHA BECAUSE OF THE RED UNDER FIN)

Is the red bellied piranha a amphibion?

All piranhas, including red bellied piranhas, are not amphibians, they are fish.

Are piranhas legal in MA?

you can have red bellies and gold piranhas but black piranhas are illegal in Illinois

What type of food do Red belly piranha eat?

Red bellied piranhas eat other fish for the most part. They prefer fish that are smaller than them. They also eat fish that swim in schools such as minnows.

How big do red belly piranhas get?

It weighs up to 18 lbs. I have no idea of the length. I am bored. I am hungry for chicken. I will have chicken for dinner tonight!!! YUM!