Piranhas are meat-eating freshwater fish. They are native to the rivers of South America.

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What kind of predators eat red bellied piranhas?

Caimans, turtles, otters, herons, human beings.


What was the movie called seen as trailer of Piranha movie---boy meets girl online and travels to Michigan with a friend to see her looks scary?

I think that movie is called sex drive its hillarious if you like the Amerucan Pie style movies


How many piranhas does it take to kill one man?



What is the best water temperature for piranhas?

I like to keep my tank at 78 degrees, that seems to be the happy medium so if the power goes out(Cold) or on a very warm day in summer the temps will never go below 74 or above 82.

Who Would Win

Who would win between a piranha and great white shark?

The great white shark would win, because it has two sets of teeth and a big jaw. A piranha would never win with its small jaws and teeth and tiny body.


What is the movie piranha rated pg-13 for?

Rated R for sequences of strong bloody horror violence and gore, graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use.


Are piranhas warm or cold blooded?

Porcupines are considered to be mammals and are therefore warm blooded.


What are facts about Piranhas?

they attack smaller fish they hate guppies

Cows and Cattle

How long does it take for a piranha to eat a cow?

Piranha attack in huge packs usually.

It only takes minutes for them to strip most beasts to the bone!

An adult cow would take a school around twelve hours to completely strip..On Animal Planet, a test was done to check the speed of stripping an animal carcasse..It took a school nearly an hour to strip a thirty pound capybara..A cow weighing seven hundred pounds would take very much longer, even if the school was huge.


According to the Wikipedia article on "piranha", it depends precisely on just how many piranha are available to attack. In a spectacular demonstration of entertaining local Brazilian fishermen, wanting to impress the visiting Pres T Roosevelt, they tossed a half-cow into the river among countless starving piranha and the dead beast was devoured in virtually no time.

Obviously, this was set up.

Nevertheless, it demonstrates the capability, given sufficient numbers and a starvation factor.


Can you eat piranha?

Yes, you can eat a piranha. Piranhas are sold at docks in South America. South American sellers catch them out of the Amazon River ( 2nd largest river ever) and sell them.


What type of food do piranha eat?

Piranha's eat different things depending on the sub-specie. Red bellied piranha's are very well known for being the ones which eat the meat. A previous answer stating that they eat other fish is quite untrue. There are documentaries on the fish, some are quite fascinating. Some will eat sloths during the rainy season, when the rainy season comes and the sloths have to move to find new food. Because it is inevitable that eventually, the food on the tree will disappear

There are in fact videos of this, which as gory as they may be, prove that piranhas are NOT cannibals most of the time. Among the reasons it is hard for fish to target other fish is that if the prey are too small, it's not enough to spend your energy on.

And if it's a big fish, supposing 1000 piranhas surround it... drowning a fish is pretty much impossible as they obviously have gills. And being slippy, it's easy for prey just to slip out of reach never to be seen again.

Most piranha eat seeds and other rather unexpected foods. The reputation that they are all bloodthirsty is not deserved. In the Amazon people will tell you that putting your finger in the water in the driest season is extremely dangerous. The fish are starving. But they feel more than safe in the rainy season to swim in the river.


How many people are killed by piranhas a year?



Where was Piranha 3D filmed?

Lake havasu channel in lake havasu city Arizona


What do red-bellied piranhas eat?

Pretty much anythning meaty.

From other fish, to piranhas, to lunch meat they will eat anything


How many babies can a piranha lay?

100 to 2000 .if u have one good luck


How fast does a piranha swim?

100 mph.


What are the results of piranha in a fishpond?

It may become invasive to the pond.


Do red belly piranhas eat lettuce?

Depends on the piranha. Some will, some won't. I've really tried getting mine to eat cucumbers, lettuce, and potatoes, all to no avail unfortunately. But I know that some will eat the veggies.


What is the only country in the world where you can find Piranhas and Anacondas?

They live on the forest floor of the Amazon Rainforest in South America, it is a very dense tropical forest covering about 5,117,258.95 square miles (8,235,430 square kilometers), it is rich in microorganisms which provide quick decomposition for compost that is very rich and provides a dark, warm and very moist climate, they also spend much if not most of their time in the rivers, lakes and marshes.


What is all the passwords on piranhas miniclip?

i only wrote down 4 and up when i played sorry but here it is:

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Can piranas eat you alive?

yes they can eat you alive

The Difference Between

How can you tell between male and female red bellied piranha?

There are no external sex differences until they mature. A slight change can be seen when the females begin to show an egg bulge. The males are generally slimmer, but this wont be noticeable if they are well fed.
look at their gell incells


Is a group of piranhas stronger than the extinct Megaladon?

The megaladon was technically stronger, as it could do more damage with a single action. Depending upon the size of the school of phirana, it might be able to do more damage as a group.


Are piranhas endangered?

Piranhas are not endangered as they are good at adapting to new environments and they reproduce at a very fast rate too, making it difficult for them to become endangered.

that's not true it is really because they eat lard. Lots and lots of lard.


How do I beat the boss in world 2 in Yoshi's Island The piranha flower looking thing I can't figure out how do defeat it?

if it's that flower that explodes, you don't defeat it, that is not the spot to get out


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