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if only you add two to the hypothinetication motor and get a hot chick

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Do cars drive faster with gas or electricity?

Gasoline cars are faster than their electric counterparts. At least they are for now.

Are f1 cars faster than Indy cars?


Are birds faster than cars?

no because cars have an engine

Can a horse help you get to go faster?

Faster than you can run, but not faster than you can drive a car.

Is flash drive faster than hard drive?


Are old muscle cars faster than new ones?

Honestly, it depends on the car. A lot of the classic Mopar cars are faster than the new ones. But we also have newer technology that can help us make our cars faster than the older ones.

If you drive faster than other vehicles on a road with one lane in each direction and continually pass the other cars you will?

i dont kniw

Are Indy race cars faster than Nascar race cars?


Why are super cars are faster than slower cars?

Because they have a better engine

Is an internal hard drive faster than an external one?

An internal hard drive will generally be faster than an external one.

Can cars out run motorbikes?

For the most part, no. Motorcycles tend to be faster than cars.

What is directly tied to the speed of the computer?

The RPM of your hard drive. A 7000RPM drive is faster than a 5000RPM drive, and an SSD is faster than all Platter hard drives.

Can you drive faster than a cheetah?

Yes! Cheetas can't drive!!

Is a sata hard drive better than a solid hard drive?

a solid state drive is faster than an sata drive...

If 23 black cars 9 red cars 17 blue cars 25 white cars and 21 silver cars how many more white and blue cars are there than sliver and red?

There are 12 more white and blue cars then there are silver and red.

Is formula 1 faster than heavy bike?

F1 cars are significantly faster than a MotoGP round a track

What kind of cars are faster than an cheetah?

Any car produced since around 1930 is faster than a cheetah.

Why do cars run?

Because they are scared and it is faster than walking.

Why are airplanes better than cars?

Airplanes are better than cars because they have faster transportation, and also you don't have traffic problems, you also are safer in airplanes than cars.

Is 4 wheel drive faster than 2 wheel drive?

Not necessarily.

Is a jaguar faster than a car?

Yes and know. From standstill, jaguars are faster but cars have a faster high speed level

Can buses drive better in ice than cars?


Are birds faster than a car?

Depends on the bird, depends on the car. MOST cars are faster than MOST birds- but not all. A Spine-Tailed Swift can fly at a top speed of 105 mph (fastest bird in level flight) Many cars can travel faster. A Peregrine Falcon can hit about 185 mph (in a dive) and there are SOME cars faster than that.

Why does a blue candle burn faster than a red candle?

Because blue is darker than red.

Are cars with bigger engines faster than smaller engine cars?

Yes, they usually are, but it can differ from car to car. For example, a Chevy Suburban is faster than a smart car because there are more pistons in the engine, creating more torque and speed, therefore making the car go faster. On the other hand, however, a motorcycle is faster than most cars, yet they have smaller engines.

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