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Q: Do religious believers do enough to support earth summits?
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Why are some religious believers prepared to fight in a war?

A just war is on the side of justice and is right to fight so therefore Christians can see a good enough reason to fight.

Who follows the Buddhist religious belief?

buddhists, funnily enough

What is sustanable living?

You have enough income to support (sustain) you.

Is skate 1 for ps2?

no i does not support it it does not have enough memory

If an oasis has enough water what can it support?

A community of people

Why did colonists settle in Pennsylvania?

Religious freedom that should be close enough...

Do grasslands have a lot of rain?

It does rain, but the rain isn't sufficient enough to support many trees. Grasslands get about 20 inches of rain a year. Enough to support life, grass, and some other plants, but not enough to support large amounts of trees or diversified living things.

Source of heat energy that keeps the surface of the Earth warm enough support what?

Source of heat energy that keeps the surface of the Earth warm enough support LIFE

What is the role of a religious sister?

Presumably, the phrase 'religious sister' refers to a nun or other female member of a religious community - this question isn't specific enough to go into detail.

What are major physical regions of the world where enough rain falls to support a desert but too much to support a forest?

A savanna is a semi-arid region that receives more rainfall than a desert but not enough to support a forest.

Are religious communities using their buildings enough to help their local communities?


What are some religious conflicts involving Christianity?

There are not enough hours in the day to list them.

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