Do roaches like the smell of lemon?

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It is hard to describe what the roach infestation might smell like. If it is only a few roaches there might not be any smell. If there are many roaches, the smell might be that of old newspapers or a musty mildew smell.

Lemon smells like a air freshner

Vinegar seems to be a put off to roaches as they don't like the smell of vinegar. They will leave the area where the vinegar is.

Yes, it does to me. But it really depends on the person and how much they like lemon.

Mothballs will not kill roaches at all. The mothballs will repel the roaches with their smell. The only way to kill cockroaches is with sprays and/or bait traps.

It smells like sweet lemons

well i think it smells fresh and strong

the smell of their life about to end!! which is tricky to do.

Roaches like food and darkness and hate Raid®

Because acorns taste nasty just like lemons!

maybe put some lemon juice on the fish,the foxes will not like the smell or taste of the lemon juice:)

Bed bugs do not have wings like roaches and can't fly.

Well you can use various sparays that smell Like lemon or citrus. Cats do not like he smell of citrus so they stay away from curtains or items that hey normally like to spray or 'mark' on that smell like that. Hope that helped! :)

There are no roaches in Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain.

Yes. Roaches Love To Play With Electronics All The Time!!

you're probably eating a lemon. But thats ok. Lemons are yummy. They are yellow. just like bananas. BANANANANANANANANANA.

You cannot kill cockroaches with lemon grass. They simply do not like the smell of it so they will stay away from areas that have been sprayed with it.

Not just when they are squashed, when they are afraid too! Palmetto bugs. They are nasty. To me it smells like pink urinal sort of cherry scented cakes. ewwww

they smell the blood in people then they like blood and they try to eat it and the person dies

They hate the lemon smell and most dogs hate chocolate smell but it depends on what type of dog you have

Yes, if you do not keep it refrigerated it after opening it, it goes bad. Bad lemon juice has an odd smell, and it tastes less citrusy, rather like flattened soda.

no, but just a little drop of lemon juice can make your laundry smell like lemons :D

Generally Lemon essential oil isn't used to kill mosquitoes. Usually Peppermint is used to ward of bugs, ants, mice and pests like that. It is a disinfectant though and might help, but a stronger scent will most like do better, not a nice pleasant smell like lemon.

step on em -------------------- Stir-fry! I feel like roaches tonight... roaches tonight....

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