Do sakura almost kiss Sasuke

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Well when Naruto used transformation jutsu (Before Shippuden, waaaay beginning of the whole series) she kind of almost did, but Naruto had sour milk, and his stomach gave him bad rumblies....he had to use the bath room so it was interrupted. So no. Sasuke and Sakura have never kissed. Unless you look at fan art.

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Probably not

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Q: Do sakura almost kiss Sasuke
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Did naruto almost kiss sakura?

Yes (while disguised as Sasuke)

Will saske kiss sakura?

no sasuke will NOT kiss sakura..........

Where can you watch Sakura kiss Sasuke?

i have no idia but i am SURE that he does kiss her after episode 32. he rielised when sakura cut her she gave up on trying to impress sasuke so he felt bad about her and agrees to kiss her you can ALMOST find the same answer on "who is sakura's first kiss?"

Does Sasuke and sakura even kiss?

no, they never kissed, but once naruto transformed into sasuke and they almost kissed but couldn't

Do Sasuke and Sakura really kiss?

No. They never kiss.

Will Sakura ever Kiss Sasuke?


When Sasuke will kiss sakura?


Does Sasuke and Sakura kiss in Shippuden?


Do Sasuke kiss?

yes by sakura

Why did Sasuke and sakura kiss?

they never did

Tell me the truth do Sasuke and Sakura kiss if so what episode?

No they have not kissed. There was only a teaser where Naruto disguised himself as Sasuke and almost kissed Sakura at the very beginning of the series. Since then there has been no smooching or attempts at smooching between Sasuke and Sakura.

Does saskue ever kiss Ino?

they tried to when sakura was battling with someone i dont know i think it was neji.but sasuke tried to kiss ino only to prove her that he does not like sakura.they had almost kissed on lips when sakura finished and sasuke was too shy to kiss ino infront of sakura so he didnt.