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Yes, they all roughly do. So whenever you need to pray and don't know which direction you should face, just look for a satellite dish

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Q: Do satellite dishes in the UK point towards mecca?
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Why do satellite dishes face south?

Most communication satellites orbit at or near the equator. In the northern hemisphere this is obviously to the south. In the southern hemisphere it is to the north, so the dishes would point north.

How is quadratic equations used to make a satellite dish?

Satellite dishes are paraboloid in shape - that is, a parabola (a quadratic curve) rotated around its axis. The shape has the property that rays entering it are reflected to its focus of the paraboloid. If the receiver is placed at that point, the signal is picked up from the broadcasting satellite over a wide field of view.

Why are satellite dishes in the Northern Hemisphere pointed south and in the Southern Hemisphere there pointed north?

They point to geosynchronous satellites in orbit above the equator. South for the northern hemisphere and north for the southern.

Is there a point on earth where you will always face mecca?

Wherever you are on the earth, you can stand facing Mecca, or turn to face away from Mecca. This is true for every point on the face of the earth. The choice is yours everywhere.

Where do muslims point to when they pray?

Most Muslims point to wherever mecca is when they pray so it depends on where in the world you are asking this question. Mecca is located in the mideast.

What is sub satellite point?

The point at which a line between the satellite and the centre of the Earth intersects the Earth's surface is called the subsatellite point.

What place do Muslims face when they pray?

Muslims all around the world pray facing the Kaba in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five Pillars in Islam. In Very early Islam, the prophet Muhammad and followers prayed facing Jerusalem because it was the holiest known place, but then a tragedy happened between jews and muslims, and then a verse was revealed that instructed the prophet to change direction to the Kaba and that all Muslims to pray facing that direction. The Kaba is a big block temple build first by Prophet Abraham and his sons.

What direction do Muslims face to pray in Kansas?

Towards Mecca, look to a world map.Answer:There are two potential solutions to the location of Mecca from any place in the world using maps. One is to use a Mercator map (a flat map) and draw a line from the location towards mecca. the other is to use a globe of the world to the same purpose. The second method provides the great circle direction, a shorter distance.Alternately there are programs available on line (see link) that provide the direction for any city to Mecca. Enter the city which is the stating point and the direction will be calculated.

Why spin motion is important for satellite?

Spin motion establishes a direction for the satellite to point to and stabilizes the satellite.

How do you find out where to point a satellite dish?

Commercial satellites are in geosynchronous orbit around the equator. They are each at a particular longitude. The direction you need to point your dish then depends on where you are. In northern Canada, dishes point at a very shallow angle to the south. In California, they are pointing around 45 degrees up and some amount east or west. Find out the longitude of the satellite you want and then look up on the satellite company's website (or do an Internet search) for the angles to aim (one angle is skyward, the other north/south/east/west).

What is Muslims point of origin?

Mecca and Medina Saudi Arabia.

What is pogee?

Apogee is the point at which a satellite in an elliptical orbit is At its apogee, the satellite travels slower than at any other point in its orbit.