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I believe they ask too little. We will never know what the human mind is capable of because we limit ourselves and our children.

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Why do kids talk too much?

In the same way, why do you ask questions like this on here?

What do kids wear to school in America?

Well, most schools, like public schools, kids can wear prettymuch anything. Although,nothing too revealing. For private schools,like catholic schools, they have uniforms, like kahkis and polos.

Are boarding schools for bad kids?

No way! Boarding schools are usually expensive, so most rich kids go. But sometimes you can get a scholarship, and it can be free to go there. I think you must have watched wild child too many times. Boarding schools have way fewer bad kids than normal state schools.

Are schools closed on Good Friday?

All Public schools are, but Private Schools aren't unless there's too much water.

Kids today spend too much time playing video games.?

Kids today spend too much time playing video games.

Who much is a 2012 BMW?

If you have to ask, it's too much for you.

What do kids think about gospel music?

Most kids don't care too much for it.

Is sugar bad for kids?

It isn't bad for kids but too much much can be. Everyone needs a little sugar to have a good balanced diet, but too much can be bad for teeth and can make your kids have a sugar rush (they get too hyper and after it wears off they feel real low and down)

Why wont Lady Gaga have kids?

She said she wants kids too much but she is too busy and she doesn't want to abandon her career.

How much is too much Xanax to take?

If you have to ask......YOU SHOULD NOT BE TAKING IT!!!!!!!

How much do mob wives on vh1 get paid?

Too much if you ask me!

How much do Japanese kids play video games?

Too Much :P

Why do your kids like this site so much?

well, maybe they have some questions that they're too embarrassed to ask you. or maybe they like sharing their knowledge and help ppl with their questions. Or maybe they learn stuff here. for me, as a teen (well almost), i like helping ppl here with their problems and share my experiences, sometimes i asked my mom a question and she couldn't answer it properly and so i go here and ask my question and get my answer a week or two. Maybe your kids don't wanna go to their friends and ask for advices because they're too shy or they think that they've ask too much already.

How can one be chocoholic?

If you eat too much chocolate you can get very dangerous diabities! Kids should not eat too much chocolate because it has alot of caffiene in it and its not good for kids because you can get hyper. I am just warning all kids to stay away from chocolate it has too much sugar and you could get cancer.

Can to much sugar make you sick when drinking alcohal?

Too much sugar is going to make you sick PERIOD. Just ask kids at Halloween time. Are you sure it wasnt the alcohol making you sicker!!??

Does tea stop kids from growing tall?

No, but kids should not drink too much tea.

What does too much meat?

ask someone who knows

Does Naruto ever have kids?

No! Never! If Naruto had kids, then Naruto will focus too much on the kids rather than this missions.

What are some kids clothing stores?

Justice, Gymboree, JC Penny, Aeropostle Kids and much more too much to list

What can you do if your swimming pool has too much cooper?

Cooper or coPPer ? Too much cOOper , then ask Cooper to get out of the pool !!

What is the schools around the 229 area code?

Your question is too vague to answer. Please ask a more specific question.

Why is facebook not allowed in schools?

It is too much of a distraction. And can contain bad materials.

Can astrology be banned?

Yes it can from schools for having people beliveing in it too much

Are parents and schools putting too much emphasis on grades and results?


How much do F350 super duty cost?

IF you have to ask it's too much

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