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Q: Do scientologists have a 'uniform'
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When was International Association of Scientologists created?

International Association of Scientologists was created in 1984.

Do scientologists convert homosexuals?

Nobody converts homosexuals. It's impossible. But some churches still try. Scientologists do not do this.

Are scientologists Christians?

No. They do not believe in Jesus.

Are scientologists crackpots?

In short, yes.

Do scientologists believe in god?


Do scientologists celebrate Christmas?

Yes if they are Christian.

How many scientologists were there in 2000?

Too many?

How many people are Scientologists in the world?

17.500.000 c.a.

What do scientologists think about marriage?

They perform marriage ceremonies.

How do scientologists view illnesses?

They view illness as weakness.

Can scientologists get tattoos?

yes because its apart of art

What day do scientologists worship?

They usually worship on Sundays.

What do Scientologist believe?

do scientologists believe in getting flu vaccinations

Where are scientologists from?

They are from everywhere, just like any other religion.

What football team does Tom Cruise support?

Saskatchewan Scientologists

Is Hollywood undead satanic?

shady Jeff was satanic , the others were scientologists

What do scientologists eat?

Food. The same as the rest of us. What else would we eat?

How many varieties of jellyfish are there?

Three types: politicians, scientologists, and ocean dwellers.

Groups supporting Charles in English Civil War?

-Monarchy -Peasents -Scientologists

Do Scientologists in uniform salute each other?

One lady who a higher level member said that the scientology people tried to make her have an abortion, even though she was married and didn't want an abortion. She left scientology. Trying to make you kill someone definitely classifies scientology as a cult.

Do chefs wear uniform?

Definitely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not uniform but A uniform

Is a table salt is a uniform or non uniform?


What do scientologists believe about death?

Scientologists don't really focus on death much, but if you go to, they have these new videos that explain their beliefs I see that they believe you are a a spirit and therefore, I think it's much like the Buddist belief of more than one life.

Do scientologist believe in God and Jesus?

Scientologists do believe in God, however, Jesus is not central to Scientology beliefs.

Where do scientologists worship?

a church, usually. They are often not as fancy as other churches or mosques, but its a church, all the same.