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No they are not from the same family, sea horses are a special kind of fish, horses are mammals.

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What domain do sea horses belong to?

genus: hippocampus. Family : syngnathidae

What class does seahorse belong?

Sea horses make up the genus Hippocampus in the family Syngnathidae. The common sea horse is classified as Hippocampus hudsonius.

What is a sea dragon?

A sea dragon is a member of the same family in which sea horses fall that has leafy-looking protrusions all over its body.

What scientific name does a sea lion it belong to?

Sea Lions belong to the family Otariidae.

Do sea horses have backbones?

Seahorses belong to the scientific family of invertebratescalled, Syngnathidae, so if they are invertabrates, the do not have a back-bone.Seahorses have backbones, but no ribs.

Are fish and seahorse the same?

All sea-horses are fish BUT not all fish are sea-horses.

Are seahorses and normal horses the same?

no sea horses and normal horses are completely different. sea horses get there name because they are sea creatures that somewhat look like actual horses that you ride

Who are sea slugs prey?

What I think is that slugs are almost the same as insects so I would say they belong to the insect family.

What family do sea horses belong to?

Seahorses are a genus (Hippocampus) of fish belonging to the family Syngnathidae, which also includes pipefish and leafy sea dragons. There are over 32 species of seahorse, mainly found in shallow tropical and temperate waters throughout the world.

Are seahorses eukaryotic?

Sea horses belong to Kingdom Animalia. Animals have eukaryotic cells.

Can sea horses live in the same tank as goldfish?

no, sea horses are saltwater fish and goldfish are freshwater fish

What family does the sea cucumber belong to?

Class: Holothuroidea Order: Apodida Family: Synaptidae

How fast is the sea-horses?

A Tilly_Dog answere:It is as fast as any fish. It is different from a horse, it just has the same name with sea in front.

How are sea horses like horses?

They simply are not the same in any kind of way. The name Sea Horse comes from the shape of the animal's head.

What family does a sea star belong to?

i don't know the answer but i need it because I'm doing research on the sea star.

What class do starfish belong to?

Asteroidea, which is in the phylum Echinodermata, in the kingdom Anamalia.I don't know the name, but I know they are in the same family as sand dollars and sea cucumbers.

Are sea horses related to horses?

Sea Horses are not related to horses but they are called sea horses, one because they live in the sea and two because their heads look like miniature horses heads.

What kind kingdom does pig belong?

Taxonomically, pigs belong to Kingdom Animalia, same as sea urchins and humans.

What is a sea horses habitat?

a sea horses habitat is under the sea in the sea weed

What name is sometimes given to Carmargue horses?

Horses of the sea, or sea horses.

What family does the starfish belong to?

Starfish or sea stars are echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea

What are the sizes of sea horses?

what are the sizes of sea horses

Can sea horses livel in an aquarium with other sea horses?

Yes. It depends on if they are fighting sea horses, or if they are calm.

What do baby sea horses eat?

i believe that baby sea horses eat the same things as adult sea horses just incase you don't know what adult seahorses eat they eat small fish,larvae,or anything small enough to swallow

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