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Yes! Sea Lions do have whiskers. If you see them at the ZOO and look in the tanks you will see long, straight, whiskers.

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They are the lions of the sea, have whiskers like lions but swim in the ocean

They don't. In fact, no pinniped does. (Pinnipeds are seals, sea lions, and walruses) However, they have sensitive whiskers that can track the movements through water of fish, other sea lions, etc. just as well as ecolocation.

Lions have whiskers so they can feel things around them and so they can balance.

Sea lions and walruses belong to the same group known as Pinnipeds. However, while the sea lions have ear flaps and long front flippers, walruses have no ear flaps, and have tusks and whiskers.

Yes, a cat's whiskers help them with balance and depth perception.

a sea otter's whiskers are used for finding food and they sense vibrations.

To feel their way out in the night

Sea lions are called sea lions because they dominate like lions and they live in the sea

yes because wolves are kind of like lions and they are both types of cats. and cats have whiskers.

Yes, sea lions eat catfish. Just today we saw a sea lion catch four catfish in a row in the Sacramento River. He only eats the bottom half, leaving the head with the whiskers in the river for others to eat.

A sea otter's whiskers are used for finding food and they sense vibrations in the water.

what are the major threats to the sea lions

What do baby sea lions do?

Their whiskers are used for find food and their sense vibrations in the water.

Sea lions are mammals.

There are sea lions in Antarctica. Both sea lions and seals are able to live in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

sea lions are very endangerd

Sea lions mainly live in antarctica

No. Sea Lions eat fish.

A herd or group of sea lions are called a colony. A group of sea lions can also be referred to as a pod.

yes they are and they eat fishSea lions are considered to be carnivores. There is a program you can take to learn more about sea lions.

No. Sea lions don't face extinction. Sea lions are still the least concern. Don't worry!

Some sea lions do play with balls. Most sea lions that play with balls are trained to do the tricks.

The sea lions that we just saw were adorable>

hello i am just wondering what is the evidence of sea lions?

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