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Turtles travel in pods

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Are dolphins in packs?

They do travel in groups, but they are called pods instead of packs.

Do sea otters travel in packs or pods?

Sea Otters do not seem to travel at all. They are social, but apparently in small family groups.

Do wahles and olphins travel in groups called pods?

Yes, whales and dolhpins travel in large groups called 'pods'

How often do killer whales travel in groups?

They call them PODS and they travel in pods most of the time.

Why do dolphins travel in pods?

Same reason humans travel in groups, wolves travel in packs and most animals travel in some type of herd, pride, flock or what-have-you. We crave interaction, friendly contact, and above all, safety.

Do dolphins eat in groups?

Many of them do yes. They work together in packs or pods to hunt.

Do dolphins travel in groups?

Yes. Their groups are more commonly reffered to as pods.

Does a killer whale travel in large groups?

they travel in pods ranging from roughly 5-10 whales

Do narwhals travel in groups?

Yes, narwhals travel in groups.Specifically, the groups are called pods. Membership fluctuates in pods. For example, numbers may range from ten (or less) to 100. The higher numbers tend to be found during the narwhal's summer and winter migrations.

Do whales like to travel alone?

No. Many travel in groups called "pods." These often include family members.

What is the social behavior of a blue whale?

They live and travel in big groups called pods.

Do hourglass dolphins move around in groups?

yes, they are dolphins and all dolphins travel in pods.....................

Why do killer whales live in groups?

Killer whales travel in pods because they are very social animals. They often travel with family and extended family in groups of two up to 15 or more.

Do narwhals travel in small or large pods?

Narwhals travel in pods of between 4 and 20.

Does a orca find food alone or in packs?

Orcas live in pods of five to thirty individuals. Within the pod, orcas travel, hunt, sleep, and communicate. Orcas eat an array of marine life including fish, squid, sharks, seals, turtles, octopi, penguins, and gulls.

What are narwhal pods?

Pods refers to the groups in which narwhals travel. The membership may range from 10-100 narwhals. It's a group that travels together for companionship, learning, and protection. For example, narwhal young travel in pods with their mothers. The pod provides on-the-spot opportunities for learning communication, feeding patterns, and navigation.

Do elephants travel in pods?

Elephants travel in herds.

What are dolphin groups called?

Dolphins live in groups called pods.

Do dolphins travel in pods?

Dolphins travel in pods. When in a deepwater ship, you often see them racing the bow wave and playing in the wake.

What animals travel in pride and pod?

Lions travel in prides, cetaceans travel in pods.

Do dolphins swim in packs?

Dolphins live in Pods, which I think is what you were getting at, so Yes.

Do dolphins usually stay with other dolphins?

Dolphins are social animals that live in groups called "pods". Sometimes the pods join and form "super-pods"

In what the fish travels?

Fish travel in schools, whales travel in pods or gams.

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