Seals and Sea Lions

Do seals eat humans?


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one type of seal might be able to eat a human it is called the lepord seal.

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Seals do not eat humans, or people

The leopard seals would not eat humans because they eat fish instead. Which is good otherwise we could go to the place where they live which is in the Antarctic!

they eat seaweed, humans, and smalller fish, and seals.

sharks dont eat humans- they just get mistaken for seals

sharksThe animals which eat seals are, all types of sharks, whales and sometimes, even humans... V. sad... :(Sharks eat seals, and sometimes sharks can confuse humans for seals...Toothed whales (Orca) and sharks; basically large marine predators.Great White Sharks and Killer Whales

They might if they think humans are seals

No they do not eat humans, Lemon Sharks only attack people, They attack humans because they get mistaken by seals.

Yes,sadly we humans eat harp seals until the goverment said that we cant anymore because they started becoming extincted but luckly know they are just threathed hope i helped

It is believed that sharks attack humans because humans vaguely resemble seals, and some species of sharks do eat seals. Sharks are not intelligent enough to tell the difference between a human being and a seal.

they eat krill and fish and smaller whales and seals but they don't ever attack or eat humans unless they mistake them for humans

seals,various fish,humans, and sea turtles they eat seaweed

sharks also eat seals and fish . and sharks when they see us above the water they mistakes us for seals

Humans, dogs, cats, pigs, goats, seals, whales, and dolphins.

Seals eat squid, fish, penguins and some eat other seals and shellfish

No. Seals eat penguins

No there isn't But there are many sharks known to have eaten humans. They eat humans by accident as they mistake humans on surfboards as seals!!!

sealsPolar Bears eat seals mainly.they eat seals and fish

Leopard Seals dont eat fish. They eat penguins and seals.

Seals, penguins, and whales all three eat fish. Although Leapord seals eat fish AND penguins, Elephant seals are vegetarins, but most types of seals eat fish. Seals, penguins, and whales all three eat fish. Although Leapord seals eat fish ANDpenguins, Elephant seals are vegetarins, but most types of seals eat fish.

Yes, seals eat puffins.

seals usually eat fish

Weddell Seals eat just like me and you. But Weddell Seals eat under water -Ari

no, although they do eat other breeds of seals pups.

Yes, seals like to eat lichens. They also eat fish, shellfish, krill and other foods. Some seals will also eat other, smaller seals.

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