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Q: Do seeds need light to sprout?
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Is light needed for seeds to sprout?

Not necessarily LIGHT, but seeds DO need warmth. After they sprout they need SUNLIGHT.

Do seeds need water to sprout?

Yes seeds need water to sprout.

Why seeds kept in refrigerator do not sprout?

Seeds need a warm temperature to sprout. So if they are kept in a cold temperature they will not sprout

Why all seeds do not sprout?

Some seeds are duds. also, they might not have everything they need (correct water and light amounts)

What three things do seeds need in order to sprout?

they need water,air,and warm temperature to sprout

Why seeds kept in an air tight container do not sprout?

The seeds need moisture to begin sprouting.

Will boiled seeds sprout?

it depends what type of seed it is. for instance radish seeds sprout when they are boiled

How many days for flax seeds to sprout in water?

flax seeds can't sprout in water

What types of seeds sprout faster?

squash seeds sprout faster then any other seed

Why do seeds sprout in the spring?

During spring they get the conditions they need to begin to grow

What is a good sentence for the word employ and sprout in the same sentence?

I hope that the business owner's sprout will employ me. I may need to employ some chemicals as an inducement to sprout these seeds.

What do radish seeds need to grow?

Moisture and light. You can sprout them between moist paper towels. In the garden, sprinkle radish seeds on top of prepared soil and water in. Plant in a sunny location for best results.

Why don't seeds grow in a packet?

they need to have enough water and sunlight in order to sprout.

What is the reason that seeds don't sprout?

The reason seeds don't sprout is because they don't get enough water and sunlight.

Do delphinium seeds started indoors need light or dark cold or warmth?

My petunia seeds need light and warmth to germinate. My lobelia seeds need light and cold to germinate. What does my delphinium seeds need?

Will sunflower seeds grow in light or dark?

Sunflowers seeds will sprout in full darkness, but in order for them to grow, they must have lots of light. Otherwise, the sprouts will die within a few days.

Do small or large seeds sprout first?

large seeds

What temperature range do radish seeds need to sprout?

between 45 and 85 degrees fahrenheit.

How many seeds you need to create marijuana?

Several would be nice but one will do if it sprouts. A good way to see if seeds are going to sprout or not is to put them in between a damp paper towel for a day or two and if they are good they will burst open and sprout and they will not it the are bad seeds.

Will any seeds sprout?

Just about any seed will sprout with the right conditions.

How do you use the word sprout in a sentence?

The sprout was killed by the late frost. The seeds were not able to sprout without moisture.

Do tomato seeds sprout?


Does seeds have to be frozen to sprout?

No,seeds needn't be frozen to sprout. Seeds sprout just liek grains, when they are placed in a moist environment. It is prefferable to keep them ia a wet cotton cloth for a day or two, so that the can germinate easily.

Why a plant needs light and a seeds doesn't?

Seeds have a special food reserve called endosperm that gives them enough energy to produce a sprout that will reach light so that it can produce food and continue growing. That's why seeds always manage to grow upwards towards the light no matter how you place them in the ground. By the time a seed's sprout breaks ground, the endosperm has almost all been absorbed.

What do you think would happen if you put the containers with seeds in a dark closet?

If there is water available to them, the seeds will eventually sprout (assuming that the seeds were viable to begin with). After they have sprouted, they will need sunlight and nutrients to continue growing, however. If there is no water available to the seeds, they will remain dormant, sometimes for many years, until water becomes available to initiate the sprouting process. most seeds in a dark closet will sprout because most seeds don't need sunlight to sprout. But when the sprouts start to grow, they don't have enough energy stored in the seed to do much more than sprout and will die if not moved into the light.</P> There is a traditional science experiment where a bean is planted in a dark box and baffles are placed in the box and a hole put in one end. The bean will grow and eventually will reach the light by growing around the baffles. This is because a bean seed contains enough stored material to support this growth.