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Do seniors over 65 have FICA deductions?


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FICA deductions are not a function of age.

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A seniors paying taxes should not have to pay while the rich get richer and pay fewer taxes. The rich individuals should pay more taxes because they could afford it.

No. Quebec resident seniors over the age of 65 do not require a license.

I am over 65, and on Medicare. I am also still working, and being paid wages. FICA- Med is still withheld from my paycheck. You should expect that as well.

There are plenty of places that seniors can receive the insurance. One place that makes it easy for those over 65 can go to

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Medicare is limited to US citizens who paid FICA premiums for at least 40 quarters.

According to the 2012 US Census, 14.7% of the population is Missouri is 65 or older. This would equal 885,232 seniors.

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People who are over 65 or blind are allowed to take an additional personal exemption on their federal income tax return. This does amount to a "break" of sorts. (If you're blind AND over 65, you don't get to take TWO additional personal exemptions, though.)

It helps seniors (i.e. people 65 or older) get prescription drugs. That is, if you're speaking of SeniorCare, a program running in Wisconsin. If otherwise, disregard this.

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There are plenty of package deals out there for seniors... usually the age varies from 63 to 65 ... they are around those ages to get the discounts for seniors.

Sure you do still pay your share of the FICA (social security and medicare) (OASDI) taxes on your earned income as long as you are providing your services to earn the income and are still breathing.

Southwest Airlines has discounts for those over 65 years of age.

When you book your vacations you never if something will come up that will prevent you from going on that trip or if there will be a mishap during the vacation, so it is a great idea to have travel insurance. offers many different plans for seniors to choose from.

My wife worked for the government under CSRS retirement system (and they took FICA tax out) for 21 or 22 years (1976 to 1997) and than resigned, will she be qualify for medicare when she is 65 years old?

Annual travel insurance over 65 is a type off traveler's insurance targeted for persons aged 65 years or older. These insurance plans are designed to be affordable for a retired person, but more extensive in medical coverage should you have an accident or experience complications due to pre-existing health conditions; at least, the good ones do. Be sure to shop around carefully when selecting an agency. You can further research travel insurance for seniors at

Most insurance companies will offer travel insurance of some type. The amount one wants, will depend on the type of coverage needed and when the he travel is going to happen.

how much is federal exemption over 65

yes, Medicare covers delivery. Medicare is for those over 65 years old, and/or disabled and who have contributed to the Medicare system through payroll deductions. Although it would be unusual to deliver at age 65+ it is entirely possible to be disabled by Medicare standards and still get pregnant and deliver a baby.

47/65 = 47 ÷ 65 = 0.723077 is a good website that helps you compare the best rates. Generally, most companies do offer reduced rates on travel insurance for senior citizens.

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