Do shark have babies or egg?

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They lay eggs i think

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Q: Do shark have babies or egg?
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How do thresher shark raise babies?

The thresher sharkactually doesn't raise the shark pups. Instead the thresher shark has the pups born from an egg sac covered by an egg shell. The pup is born and has to look after itself once it hatches.

How many babies can a tiger shark have?

Tiger sharks have one baby at a time. An egg hatches inside the mother. Then the mother produces another egg. The baby tiger shark eats that egg. When the baby tiger shark gets to be a certain size, the mother ejects it and the father shark fertilizes another egg.As many as 80 or as little as 10usally 35 to 55 pups ocastionally up to 825-20

Is a shark babies hatched from a egg?

yes it is because it is not a mamel and the only mamel that lays eggs is a platypus THANXS 4 ASKING :D

How many babies do a mako shark have at a time?

the mako shark can hve up to 58 babies at a time

Can egg aliens have babies without goo?

Alien egg babies cant have babies anyway.

How do sharks eat in their mums belly?

Shark Babies start out in eggs. While in the egg the live on egg yolk. Some Sharks hatch inside their mother, and the unborn Sharks will eat each other.

Do the shark mom eat their babies?


Are puffin babies alive or in an egg at birth?

Puffin babies are born in an egg at birth

What are cookie cutter sharks babies?

Shark babies are called pups.

How does a great white shark give birth?

The shark has an egg that develops in the femaleâ??s uterus. The development period is 11 months and the sharkâ??s jaw developing on its first month. A female shark usually gives birth from 4 up to 11 babies.

What is the clasification for a shark?

Shark, dolphin and whales are mammals and they give birth to their babies.

What color is a shark egg?


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