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The blood of fish is definite for all of them but only few types of sharks- not all of them- are sensitive to smell of human blood.

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Are sharks really dangerous?

sharks are afraid of humans. sharks only attack when they smell blood or when they are threatened.

Why do bad things happen when sharks smell blood?

Sharks smell blood so they go after it and because of mucky water or not clear water and/or because the bad sight sharks have,they attack what is in the area of blood

Why do sharks attack when they smell blood?

Because they basically think your a fish which is his food

How do sharks attack things?

sharks have a keen smell.they can smell even a little amount of diluted blood in water.then they attack with their sharp teeths.

Why do lemon sharks attack people?

they smell the blood in people then they like blood and they try to eat it and the person dies

What is a sharks strongest sense?

they don't eat people but the smell there foods blood before the attack

How far can sharks smell blood up to?

sharks can actually smell blood from almost a mile away

How far away can sharks smell blood?

1 mile is how far away sharks can smell blood.

What rules of science occur in the way sharks can smell blood?

the sharks can smell blood 20-40 miles

How do divers who harvest whales are often attacked by sharks?

They would probably cut the whale or themselves, and since Sharks can smell blood, they will attack. Sharks usually won't attack other than that. But if your surfing, don't do it near sharks, you will look like a seal.

Why do sharks have snouts?

to smell blood

How do sharks smell youre blood?


Can a shark smell a drop of blood in the ocean 10000 miles away?

no, sharks can't smell blood 10000 miles away answer: sharks can smell blood 1 mile away:)

Do sharks look for blood?

Well sharks dont look for blood, they smell it. So if your hurt and swimming in the ocean, they can smell your blood nearly to kilometres away.

Do sharks smell for blood?

Yes they do, thats why they follow you when they smell species.

Why do sharks like the smell of blood?


Do all sharks smell blood?

yes all sharks can smell blood it is a known fact i know because I'm the worlds leading scientist

Do sharks eat blood?

No since you can eat a liquid but sharks can smell blood from very far away.

How sensitive is a sharks smell?

Sharks have an extremely good sense of smell! They can detect one drop of blood in 25 gallons of water and can smell blood over 1/4 mile away.

Do sharks have a good sense of smell?

Yes. They can smell blood a mile away.

How fall shark could smell?

Sharks can smell blood from about a mile away.

Can alligators smell blood?

Yes they can. Not quite as well as sharks, but they do have a heightened sense of smell and are able to smell blood metres away

How far can sharks smell blood?

Several kilometres.

How can sharks smell blood a mile away?


Do bleeding fish attract sharks in the sea?

Yes they do. Sharks have a keen sense of smell and can smell blood in the water from miles away.

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