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Why do sheep die from lying on their backs?

They die because when a sheep lies on its back it can't get back up again, but when it does lie on its back the skin on top of the sheep falls on to its lungs which stop it from breathing.

Do sheep have shorter front legs than back legs?

No or otherwise they would fall over.

Is there a law you have to shear sheep?

Not shearing a sheep is cruelty to animals. They can die from overheating or maggots and it all goes back to a person's neglect

When do sheep mate?

In the fall

If sheep fall over can they get back up again?

yes, they're not turtles. They lay on their sides all the time.

If you have 2 sheep in front 2 sheep in back how many sheep are there?

4 sheep 2+2=4 2 sheep: they are both in front and in back ^^

The sheepherd had 17 sheep but all but 12 die how many sheep are left?

12 sheep because all but 12 sheep die!!!!

Will a sheep die if it falls over and it doesnt get put upright?

Only if the fall causes brain damage, then yes! Otherwise no!

Do sheep die?

Yes sheep can die from a number of dieases but they also die when they are slaughtered for their meat.

Do sheep die from lying on their back?

Apparently so. Cheers, Bruce

What do you do when you cant fall asleep?

count sheep

A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die How many are left?

9 sheep left."all but 9 die"means all seep die except 917Nine sheep.

What Chinese year does 1992 fall in?

The year of the sheep.

Do sheep and cattle horns fall off?

No not usually

How often do sheep get sheared?

Sheep are usually sheared twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall.

What does the term cast sheep mean?

It refers to a sheep that has fallen over and is unable to right itself. This can happen because its wool has become too heavy for it to walk properly or due to a fall. Sheep are extremely vulnerable in this position and can die in a matter of hours on an especially hot day.

How do you solve wolf sheep and cabbage?

First you take the sheep acrossthen you go back and get the cabbagethen you take the sheep back and take the wolf acrossthen you take the sheep across and you will winIT WILL WORK:)

Why do leaves lose their color?

Because they die up and then they get there color back in the fall

How do you do wolf sheep and cabbage?

To solve it you, 1) take he sheep to the other shore 2) go back and get the wolf 3) bring back the sheep 4) grab the cabbage and bring it to the wolf's shore 5) go get the sheep and bring it back

Do sheep give birth all year round?

No. Sheep are seasonal breeders, they breed in the fall to lamb out in the spring.

Did dolly the sheep die from streptococcus pneumonia?

Dolly the sheep did not die from a sickness. She was staying at a farm and had been bred to a normal ram to test her fertility. She had one lamb that she raised on her own, but in the fall when the farm was sending sheep to slaughter, she and her lamb somehow ended up on the trailer What?? Do not believe anyone on these websites. None of the above is true. Dolly the sheep was euthanised on Feb 14th,2003 from a progressive lung disease, aged 6. The disease is common is sheep and wasnt a result from cloning.

Why do people count sheep?

so that they can fall asleep faster

What band has a winged sheep on its album cover?

Fall out boy

If sheep sit down do they die?

not necesscarily Never in the 9 years that I have had sheep have I seen one die when they sit down.

Can you milk a sheep that is not classified as a dairy sheep?

1) there is no such thing as a 'dairy sheep' 2) you can milk all sheep otherwise baby sheep would die think about what ur asking

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