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No, they are herbivores which means they only eat plants. However they may harm animals if they come near them, depending on the attitude of the horse.

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They are prey. Predators are carnivorous or omnivorous, and ponies are herbivores; also, horses evolved their natural running skills to escape predators. The only thing they prey on is grass.

Animals are the prey of other animals/predators.

No, horses do not prey on other animals. They are plant eaters.

Different animals prey on other animals. In most cases, the carnivores are the ones that will prey on other groups of animals. A good example is a lion preying on an antelope.

Bison do not have prey. They are prey animals themselves, meaning they are preyed on by other animals like wolves and bears. Bison are herbivores: they eat plants, not other animals.

Buffaloes are herbivores, they do not prey on other animals.

Zebras are prey. Several other animals eat zebras, but zebras don't eat other animals.

Deer are herbivores; they forage for grasses, leaves, barks, and twigs. They do not prey upon other animals. Other animals prey upon them.

It is both. It preys on some animals and other animals prey on it.

Prey, the animals that eat the prey are predatorsyes!

Predators~ the animals that hunt on other animals. Prey~ the animals that get hunted upon.

Yes, humans can but aren't often prey to other animals. Of course they are not prey to everything just certain animals.

Rabbits are herbivores, so no they don't prey on other organisms.

Llamas are herbivores and do not prey on other animals.

Yes,a penguin preys on other animals in it's habitat.They prey on small fish.

Both It eats other animals and is eaten by other animals.

Grassyes they are. cheetahs lions and other animals prey on them.

They prey on mice and other woodland animals.

Prey. They get eaten, they don't hunt other animals.

Muskox have no prey. They are herbivorous, not carnivorous/omnivorous. This means they eat plants, not other animals. It also means they are prey animals, not predators.

Like most animals in this world baboons are both predators and prey. They eat /attack other animals and can be attacked/eaten themselves by other animals.

on other microscopic animals

Pandas do not prey on other animals, they only eat bamboo, lots and lots of it.

No, horses do not prey on any animals.Horses only eat grass and vegetation, they are herbivorous, so don't need to prey on other animals.If threatened by another animal a horse would normally run away.

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