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yes because of its weight the weight brings it down

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Nikko Gleichner

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2022-07-24 18:51:03
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Q: Do smaller paper airplanes fly farther than bigger paper airplanes?
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Do bigger paper airplanes fly farther than smaller paper airplanes?

yes because of its weight the weight brings it down

Does paper airplanes fly farther with smaller wingspans?


Are bigger paper airplanes better than smaller ones?

yes because they r better coorinated

Does heavier paper fly farther than lighter paper airplanes?


How does the size of the paper airplane effect how far it goes?

the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

What should fly farther a small paper airplane or a bigger paper airplane with the same design?

bigger, there is more drag in proportion as it gets smaller, but other factors of strength and weight may have to be taken into account

How does the longer paper airplanes fly farther?

It usually has more wing area so the plane has more lift.

What is the affect of weight on distance paper airplanes travel?

I think that if it is hevier you need to throw it harder for it to go farther

What are paper airplanes made from?

Paper airplanes are made from paper.

Do paper airplanes with wider wings fly farther?

no because it slows down the plane and it will fall than if you have smalls wings

What enables a long paper plane to go farther than a short paper plane?

Long paper airplanes fly farther than short paper planes because they are more aerodynamic. This means they can move through the air more efficiently due to their long shape.

What size is bigger 30AA or 36AA?

If you are talking about paper sizes then 30AA is bigger. The way it works is the smaller the number the bigger the paper. Hope i helped.

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