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Do snail kites eat apple snail?

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only if their hungry and its sunny outside

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Algea,microplankton and fish poo

yes they are omnivores

what eats the apple snail

The majority of birds that eat oysters are shore birds and wading birds. The most common are oystercatchers, snail kites, and limpkins.

Apple snail can develop in the water.If it does not do that,the snail is not going to be develop. Apple snail can develop in the water.If it does not do that,the snail is not going to be develop.

Yes and No, depending on what type of snail it is.

snails will eat almost anything. my snail eats apple pie, mango pudding apple pieces,etc!!

Apple snails are not called apple snails because they eat apples. They are called Apple Snails because of their size. True apple snails (Pomacea canaliculata) can grow up to 5" in Dia. Nontheless Apple Snails can eat apples.

i do not know my apple snail layed eggs i do not know what to do

No they don't eat snail

Well, If you eat a Live snail the bacteria from the snail will eat away your brain, where as if you eat a cooked snail the bacteria gets killed

Apple snails are considered scavenging omnivores; they eat any organic matter including dead or dying plants and animals.

A carnivore snail will eat meat or eat other snails and a herbivore snail will not eat meat and will only eat vegetables.

I assume you mean the Golden Apple snail. Use that link, it is a picture of an apple snail. I keep them as pets, so you might not know, but they have different sexes unlike most snails.

Yes, there are Apple snails in the Everglades

The French put them in apple pies.

snail and slugs eat garden debris

No, they aren't; apple snails are gasteropodmolluscs.

Look at the link below these are Golden Apple Snail eggs.

Apple snails can eat almost anything. They can eat vegtables such as carrot, peas (defrosted but not cooked and without the skin part), celery, cucmber (without the seeds) and lettuce. They also eat algea from your tank*. If a snail dies some types are known to eat the other snail. Fish food and auqatic plants are also on the menu. *DONT EXPECT YOUR TANK TO BE FULLY CLEAN OF ALGEA

Red kites do not eat live prey, they are carrion eaters.

Multiple websites have informed me that it takes 2-4 weeks for apple snail eggs to hatch.

Land snails are herbivores. They eat leaves and grass.

Yes, but it has to be a pretty big shell not the little normal ones.

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