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yes snails do eat grass, (or eat things in grass)

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Q: Do snails eat grass
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Do snails like to eat grass?

Snails don't normally eat grass but they will if they can't find anything else. But they will eat it if necessary.

What part of grass do snails like?

snails like to eat the stalk and sides of the grass blades.

Do snails eat grass hoppers?

N0 they don't eat grass hoppers

What do rainforest snails eat?


Do snails eat berries as their diet?

Snails usually eat fruits, grass, trees and berries

Do snails eat surf grass?

No, snails only eat alage.......i have been studing it in science

Do land snails eat grass?


Do snails eat grass roots?


What do aquatic snails eat?

they mosly eat grass and dirt

What are snails favourite food?

Snails eat grass, leaves and plant bark.

What do pound snails eat?

Pound snails or giant African snails eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. They also eat the leaves of many trees or even grass.

Do snails eat peppermint?

No they don't. They eat grass or smaller insects

What does your snail eat its a land snail?

Land snails are herbivores. They eat leaves and grass.

Do water snails eat grass?

No.They eat stuff that's usually in the water

What insects eat saw grass?

deer, water rats and snails.

Where are snails and slugs?

they are found in wet grass and in flowers because they love to eat them

What do land snails eat and drink?

Land snails eat grass and other green leaves. They also feed on decaying matter and decompose poo. These types of snails eat dinosaurs back in the period they where as big as a T-rex.

What do snails under water eat?

aquatic snails eat algae and live plant material. if they are in an aquarium, they also eat leftover fish food. From different user: i had a water snail and the water snail liked to eat clover and grass. Be sure to wash outdoor plants thoroughly so that the bugs don't get in the water. Water snails also eat other things but from my experience, they eat clovers and grass.

Does armadillos eat grass?

No, they mostly eat insects, grubs, earthworms, snails, slugs and some plant material such as tubers.

What duck eat?

1. small fish 2.snails and worms 3.grass and weeds AND MORE

How and what do snails eat?

snails eat veggies

Do seagulls eat snails?

no, seagulls do not eat snails.

What things eat snails?

There are many different species of snails and they all eat different things. Some snails eat garden plants and some snails, such as sea snails eat plankton and fish.

What do baler snails eat?

baler snails eat plants and veggies and small snails

Do box turtles eat grass?

Yes, turtles eat grass. They also eat earthworms, snails, grubs, beetles, caterpillars, carrion, grasses, fallen fruit, berries, mushrooms and flowers. They take bites of anything that smells edible. Mind you, they don't eat a ton of grass, just a little.