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Do snails shed their shells?

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No they get out of their shells and find new ones so yes kind of like shedding their shells.

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Do Snail Shells Expand?

snails shed their shells and find new shells

How many times do snails shed?

They don't shed or find bigger shells

Do all snails have shells?

All snails have shells but not all Gastropods have shells. Snails are in the gastropod family.

Do armadillos shed their shells?

No, armadillos do not shed their shells.

Do snails move into new shells?

yes snails move into new shells but not all kinds of snails do .

Do turtle shells grow with them or do they shed them?

turtles do not shed their shells.

How many times does a snail shed?

Snails do not shed their skin. Snails are not related to reptiles or amphibians.

When do snails change their shells?

Snails do not change their shells. The snail's shell grows with it over time.

How do snails grow their shells?

Snails grow their shells from the calcium in their bodies. It is secreted out of the mantle of the snail. There shells grow like our fingernails do.

What are snails?

Snails have beautiful shells and are slimy but cute.

Where do snails sleep?

Snails sleep inside there shells.

Do snails change shells?

Snails do not change their shell.

How long does it take fora snil to build a new shell?

Snails dont rebuild their shells. I used to think that slugs were just snails without shells, but without their shells, snails die. Their bodies are sort of connected to the shells.

Are snails invertibrates?

Yes, snails have really hard shells.

Do snails live with out there shells?

The snails shell is part of its body

What do snails have but slugs don't have?

Snails have shells and slugs don't.

What protetcts sea snails?

see snails also have shells

How do snails get their shells?

They grow them.

Why do snails have shells?


Do snails eat their shells?


What did snails evolve from?


How are snails recognized?

Their shells?

How do you get snails out of their shells?

You don't. Snails grow to their shells through a thin layer of skin. If you pick them from their shells you may very well kill or injure them.

Why oyster and mussels need to shed their shells?

Oysters and mussels do not shed their shells. They are bivalve molluscs and their shells grow larger with age.

You have some baby African snails and they have lost their shells is this normal?

no but it happens 10/50 of snails have lost there shells