Do snake eels have live birth?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Do snake eels have live birth?
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Do eels give birth to live young?


What do eels look?

Eels are snake-like fish.

What do eels look like?

Eels are snake-like fish.

What kinds of eels are there?

There are about 800 species of eels. Some common names are: freshwater eels false morays mud eels spaghetti eels moray eels thin eels worm eels congers long neck eels pike congers duckbill eels snake eels snipe eels sawtooth eels cutthroat eels

Where do eels live?

Eels live in holes and crevices in the corals.

Can snakes have live birth?

Yes. Some species of snake give live birth, but most lay eggs.

Does the tentacled snake lay eggs?

No, it gives live birth.

What does a rubber eel do?

'Rubber eels', which are actually amphibians, live in dry and wet grassland and rivers. They give birth to live young.

What is another name for a snake like fish?


How snakes and eels are different?

Snakes live on land and eels live in the water.

Where do elctric eels live?

Electric eels live in the amazon of South America

What do rabbits and kangaroos do that a snake and a frogs can't?

Give live birth.