Do sperm for girls live longer?

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Yes. The X carrying sperm (which are the sperm that make females) live longer than the Y carrying sperm (which are the sperm that make males).
However, the Y sperm swim faster, so the chances are equally good that you will get a girl or a boy. If the Y sperm swim fast enough before they die to fertilize the egg, then you'll have a boy. If the Y sperm don't reach the egg before they die, chances are an X sperm will get there shortly, and then you'll have a girl.
XX makes a girl, XY makes a boy all eggs contain an X chromosome, so sperm donates either an X or Y chromosome.
Girls do not have sperm. If they did, they would not be girls.
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Can a girl get pregnant by drinking sperm?

Hello, I wish you would do some research before doing this :D But! Here it is: To get pregnant you must have an egg cell in you ( which means you must be a female who ovulates) AND you must have sperm traveling up your body to fuse with that egg cell to form a zygote which then goes through cell d ( Full Answer )

What happens when a girl swallows sperm?

Nothing, it'll just go to her stomach. She can't get pregnant unless the sperm actually enters the vagina. If it enters her mouth then it is a long way away from her egg

Do girls sperm?

No, sperm are produced by males in their testes. Sperm is only produced by males, female produce ovum, or eggs. When a spem and an ovum come together the result is a baby.

How can you live longer?

If you want to live longer, you will have to make big changes in your life. 1. Eat healthy. Limit consumption of red meat and other junk food. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. If you want to eat meat, I would strongly recommend you eat only fish and white meat. DO ( Full Answer )

How do you live longer?

Take 2 spounge baths a day 1 with warm water first then 1 with freezing water. . There are many healthy, nutrient rich foods that you can eat that will help fight the effects of aging. Combine a healthy diet with regular exercise and your body will be able to stay healthy for longer.

Does a girl have sperm?

Sperm are male gametes Ova are female gametes. Girls do not havesperm, but we do have other liquids that boys do not have.

Why do girls swallow sperm?

Well, there is something called porn. In porn (sex) a penis is not allowed to ejaculate in a woman. In sex, it is. In porn, when the sperm is ready to be "passed on" a man ejaculates onto a woman's face. So therefore, the sperm is in the woman's mouth, and she swallows it. How do I know? ( Full Answer )

Do girls live longer than boys?

It is how you take care of your body, the state of it, and its health. Generally girls live longer because of their life span.

Do girls have sperm?

No, girls do not have sperm. Sperm are the male's reproductive cells. Only men have sperm. Girls (females) have eggs instead.

Do girls have sperms?

no, girls have eggs. The eggs develop into human beings when fertilised with a sperm from a male. (also known as a pregnancy)

How long does sperm live in a girls body?

Sperm can live in the female reproductive tract for about five days. Though it is important to remember that a woman may not show signs that she is pregnant immediately, and won't test positive on a pregnancy test for the first two weeks or so.

Who lives longer boys or girls?

Women tend to live longer than men. When it comes to heart disease risk, men usually have a greater risk until about age 50 and then it becomes about equal for the genders.

Is there a difference in how long XY-chromosome sperm for boys and XX sperm for girls live?

Sperm for Girls and Boys Yes. The X sperm (which are the sperm that make females) live longer than the Y sperm (which are the sperm that make males). However, the Y sperm swim faster, so the chances are equally good that you will get a girl or a boy. If the Y sperm swim fast enough before they die ( Full Answer )

Why do some girls spit out sperm?

A lot of girls find it unpleasant to swallow and several women will not even allow ejaculation in the mouth.

Who lives longer?

Hispanics have the highest life expectancy on Earth amongst humans. For more information search for: Why do Hispanics live longer?

Do girl or boy sperm live longer?

Uh, boy sperm is the only type of sperm there is. Girls have eggs (ova). . The person who wrote, "Uh, boy sperm is the only type of sperm there is. Girls have eggs (ova)," did not take the time to read or understand the question. . According to Dr. Shettles & many others, boy sperm live longer t ( Full Answer )

Do girls have sperm if no then what?

No, they haven't. The male supplies the sperm and the female supplies an egg. The egg doesn't come at orgasm though.

How come girls live longer than boys?

IDK (I don't know) I just know that it is true!! My Grammy and all her friends that are girls all don't have husbands cause they died and there 85!!

Can sperm live and be passed indirectly to a girl?

Yes the typically REDNECK way to perform fertilization without penetration of the penis is to place the man's semen into a turkey baster. Insert the turkey baster into the vagina and squeeze!!!!

What male reproductive organ produces an alkaline secretion which helps sperm to live longer?

The accessory sex glands (such as seminal vesicles, prostate, and Cowper's glands) contribute fluid to semen. The seminal vesicles contribute to about 60-70% of the seminal fluid as they secrete their alkaline, white-ish, yellow, viscous material (which contains fructose, prostaglandins, and ascorbi ( Full Answer )

Will you live longer if you laugh longer?

It could be possible, but keep laughing to a mininum for years to come. One story said that a patient was dying for not laughing, but he was over it when he was laughing.

Do girl hamsters live longer with mates?

this depends on the type of hamster. Syrians are very territorial and need to live alone. Most other types seem to be fine living in pairs or groups.

Can girls get sperms?

no only boys that's when the boys sperm goes in the girls vagina when they have sex so the girl has a baby!! Wrong Wrong Wrong...Girls can get Sperm My Neese started having sperm when she was 9 years OLD!!!!so wrong

Do girls live longer than boys on average?

most men go and work all day so girls can work in the house and threefold men don't live longer because of that but i do agree that women live longer

Where does sperm live?

Sperm cells develop in the testicles, where they live until released by a sexual encounter, masturbation or a nocturnal emission ("wet dream"). Once ejaculated they can survive for several days but will eventually die off. One lucky sperm from the millions released may fertilise an egg.

Do girls like sperm on them?

Personally, I love for a guy to ejaculate on me. It's even better if he ejaculates on my breast.

What can sperm live on?

Sperm don't consume anything. The body produces them, they live for a while and then they die. The body carries them away as waste.

Do you have enough sperm to get your girl pregnant?

This is something I cannot answer. If you are old enough to produce sperm, then you have enough to get a girl pregnant. A male is capable of releasing small amounts to over a billion sperm when he ejaculates ( So, even if you don't ejaculat ( Full Answer )

Can a girl get a guys sperm?

A girl can get sperms when a boy ejaculates and his semen (whitish opaque viscous fluid) falls or is brought in contact with any of girl's body parts.

What if a girl swallows sperm?

Swallowing semen from a disease-free male during sex is generally safe. There is nothing unhealthy about swallowing unless the person has an STD.

How does sperm affect on girl?

While there might be arguably more than a single affect, I think the largest and most significant effect is impregnation. Sperm fertalizes the female egg and causes pregnancy.

Does girl sperm affect her?

There is no such thing as girl sperm. But pregenancy can be caused by sperm(men) going in the egg (women), that is a fertilized egg.

Why do girls lick sperm?

They do it because its the best way to clean out the mouth and get rid of bacteria from between the teeth

Can a girl be pregnant by swallowing the sperms?

Thank goodnes, no. But if you get semen (which sperms come in) on your fingers and then touch around the opening to your birth canal, there is a chance of getting pregnant.

Why girls lives longer than boys?

Because us girls are awesome:DAnd guys snore to much -_- because i am a girl an i am better than boys.

Is it safte to swallows girl sperm?

of coarse it's safe to swallow a womans sperm/cum.It's the most satisfactory feeling that i know of.I have been swallowing her sweet juice for over 2 years now.I usually will swallow her juice for at least 7 to 11 hours at a time sometimes more.Gives me a high like no other and i do'nt drink or do d ( Full Answer )

Does young girls have sperm?

Girls Young or old don't have sperm. However girls are born with about 300.000 ovum that they Will release on a monthly basis when they ovulate after they sexually mature. Her ovum and the sperm of the male join to become a child.

Can girls be allergic to sperm?

Yes, girls can be. When they have the sperm inside them then they need to get a needle injected in their vajayjay.