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Anything dead eventually shrinks. If it's mammalian, it likes to bloat before it shrinks.

Spiders do it quickly.


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they have 366 eggs they die from the pain but not all spiders die after have baby's some spiders have 2,000 eggs and they don't die just small spiders die. PS don't kill spiders they are just as scared of you as you are of them don't harm a pregnant spider they are very aggressive when they pregnant if you don't harm them they wont harm. Hope i helped

Arachnophobia <applies to all spiders big/small>

no cause spiders are small

do spiders die after they lay there eggs

Some spiders die but others survive the winter.

spiders die but their babys live through the winter

Crickets small froges and other spiders

Yes, but only small spiders.

Yes, frogs eat spiders, small insects, and other small creatures.

Wolf spiders die after living for 3-5 years.

yes frogs do eat small spiders

because spiders are small and are really creepy

ten people die from spiders a year, they can only die if eight spiders are in their ear or if they have been bitten by a poisonous one.

yes because all my spiders that give birth die:(

They can turn into bats, owls, spiders and wolves

yes mice will eat spiders and small insects.

Spiders don't commit suicide, they only die when someone or something kills, besides a spider's brain is so small that it won't know if a place is dangerous therefore resulting in death and suicide is when you kill yourself and is aware you die and will die willingly

Yes, once they give birth they die. LOL dumb spiders

When they have their babies they die after not when, after.

There are probably about a hundred thousand different small black spiders on Earth.

No , jumping spiders are not poisonous . These spiders are beneficial by preying upon other insects .

Certain wasps predate spiders. Certain spiders predate other spiders Certain birds predate spiders. Small mammals will also predate spiders, as will some frogs, lizards, ants and humans

Spiders turn white when their body stops receiving blood flow. The exoskeleton that appears white after the spider dies is called the chitin.

Nope. Some spiders have eyes that are bigger than some small spiders themselves.

Certain types of spiders survive others don't

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