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Yes, they do

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What is starfish skin like?

does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like? does starfish have limbs? what is starfish skin like?

Does a starfish have skin?


What type of starfish is poisonous?

There are many starfish that are poisonous, such as the Crown of Thorns starfish, the sun star starfish, the spiny sun star starfish and the leather star starfish. Starfish have sharp spikes that are covered with a thin, venomous skin, which can cause swelling, nausea and vomiting once it is on your skin.

What is the texture of a starfish?

The texture of starfish skin depends on the species. Many have bumpy, spiny or prickly skin, while others have smooth skin.

How does a starfish protects itself?

A starfish protects itself by it's hard and rough skin

Are starfish venomous?

Starfish are venomous. They use spikes on their skin to attack predators. Once the venom gets to your skin its causes swelling and nausea.

Adaptation of starfish?

They have ever sticky skin

What is the skin-gill on a starfish?

used for breathing. they stickout through bony spines on the starfish.

Do starfish have a exoskeleton or a endoskeleton?

Starfish have an endoskeleton that consists of calcium carbonite plates. These plates are covered in a thin skin layer, making them endo or under the skin. An exoskeleton would be like that of a crab (an outer shell/ no skin over it). Starfish dont have a backbone.

Is a starfish a predator?

yes, a starfish is a predator to most fish because of their spikes and because of their rough skin..

How do you tell if a starfish is dead?

if you put it on your skin and it doesnt suck onto you then it went up to starfish heaven :(

Starfish body parts?

The starfish belongs to the class Asteroidea. There are four body parts that the starfish has which include the mouth, skin, arms and tube feet.

What are the parts of a starfish?

they have a spine and they have pointy skin l

What type of skin do starfish wear?

hard and bumpy

Do starfish have fuzz how do they feel to the touch?

Starfish are not fuzzy like most mammals. Starfish come from the animal kingdom echinodermata meaning bumpy skin. Starfish feel bumpy on their doral surface.

What is a starfish body covered with?

Their skin is covered with bumpy gills.

What do you call the body covering of a starfish and sea urchin?


Do starfish have armor?

They have prickly skin which is sort of like an armor.

Do starfish have Moist skin?

yes im a marine biologist

How does a starfish protect itself from other animals?

Starfish are cnidarians. They have spiny skin, some have nematocysts (stinging cells) and are generally toxic.

What are adaptations of a starfish?

Starfish can protect themselves by only to come out at night so no animals can see it. Another way is that some starfish have spiny skin that will jab into anything that tries to attack it.

Does starfish have bones?

There skin is boney, so i would conclude it has bones.

Where in the classification system do starfish belong?

echinoderms which means (spiny skin)

What the meaning of spiny skin animals?

They are called echinoderms. Example of such is a starfish.

What does the texture of a starfish feel like?

it is smooth like skin. but some are rough. most likely it is smooth though. it depends on the type of starfish you feel

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