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Yes they do. Ordinary guys but also Rockers.

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Why does your teen boy try eyeliner?

It is normal for teens to experiment with a variety of things, including eyeliner. There is a whole movement of teenage boys who wear eyeliner; it does not imply homosexual orientation.

Does the lead singer of Boys Like Girls wear make up?

he wears eyeliner.

Why does Brandon Flowers wear eyeliner?

Brandon Flowers does sometimes wear eyeliner, as do many celebrities.

Does justin bieber wear eyeliner?

nowhat boy would wear eyeliner or any make-up for that matter

Should boys wear eyeliner and lipglosss?

If he's into goth, emo or scene it's required. If he's not one of those kinds of people and he wears eyeliner and lipgloss, they'll think he IS one.

Did ancient egyptians boys wear eyeliner?

Yes they did. It was to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes and keep it cool in the hot sun.

How do you ask if you can wear eyeliner?

You would say this simple question. " Mom may I wear eyeliner I think I am ready to wear some make up and I am at a good age to start. It would make me be more confident in my self it would make me feel pretty. not to mention, more boys would like me".

Can straight teenage boys wear thongs?

Yes they can. They will be judged about it though.

Does David cook wear eyeliner?


Is eyeliner poisonous to dogs?

If they eat it, probably. If they wear it, it shouldn't be a problem. However, you should never let a dog eat eyeliner or wear it.

Long lasting eyeliner?

Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner is definitely the solution.

Does Martin Jonson wear make up?

If you are talking about Martin Johnson (I think you spelled it wrong) the lead singer of Boys Like Girls then yes he does wear make up but only eyeliner.

Do Muslim women wear eyeliner?

if they like

Should you wear eyeliner everyday?

Depends if you feel your eyes need eyeliner for more definition, or if mascara is enough. Just avoid really thick heavy eyeliner for day to day wear, a Q-tip is your best friend for touching up and perfecting your eyeliner

Does Munro chambers wear eyeliner offset?

No, he doesn't wear eyeliner except for certain Characters, because he doesn't need to. His eyes are gorgeous without it! But out of all the guys I've seen wear eyeliner he pulls it off the best! He's just so gorgeous!

Should a boy wear make up?

depends on what it is, if its a conceler then perhaps but everyones got their own style! some boys look good with a bit of eyeliner on!

What age can you wear eyeliner?

My parents let me wear eyeliner at 13, but only a little bit. I honestly think you should wear eyeliner when your 15 a least.You Should Wear Eyeliner WhenYou Feel Ready Toanswerr: my parents let me wear it when i was 12 but almost 13.. like 2 months till i was 13 so it was my 7th grade yearr when i started wearing eyeliner but if it was up to me i would've started to wear it in 6th grade.. but you should probably listen to your parents... but i would say to start wearing eyeliner in middle school.. in like 7th or 8th gradee. maybe 6th but that's up to your parentss! (((:

Can you wear liquid eyeliner with contacts on?

Yes you can wear liquid eyeliner with contacts Just beware of getting it in your eye when applying and avoid rubbing your eye. it is up to you

Does billie joe wear too much eyeliner?


What age should you wear eyeliner?

at least 11

What kind of eyeliner does Gerard way wear?


When should a girl start wearing eyeliner?

There is absolutely nothing what-so-ever to say that a girl should start wearing eyeliner. There is also no rule that says a girl can only wear eyeliner at a certain age, she can wear it whenever she likes.

How do you get my dad to allow me to wear eyeliner?

There's no way you can make your dad allow you to wear eyeliner. Once they've decided you're old enough, they'll let you know!

What makeup can a 11 year old wear to school?

an 11 year old can wear a little(but not to much) mascara and lip-gloss. you should not wear eyeliner untill you are 16. i'm a mom of an 11 year old and i will not let her wear eyeliner.

Why did ancient egyptians wear eyeliner?

because they liked cats