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I got glasses from playing Video Games too much. Yes you can.

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Q: Do sunglasses help your eyes with video games?
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Do sunglasses help with video games?

Sunglasses do help your eyes when you play video games.

Does playing video games help your hand eye coordination?

Yes some games help your hand eye coordination but they also damage your eyes too.

Are video games really bad for you?

Of course! It can hurt your eyes too! Improv: not completely they can help you relieve stress

Functions of the sunglasses?

Sunglasses are eyewear designed to help protect the eyes from excessive sunlight. Main function of sunglasses is to reduce distracting glare and allow more comfortable viewing in bright light.

What do you do to illiminate the pain caused by the skin on your eyes having been burned off?

Sunglasses can help.

How do sunglasses help you?

Sunglasses can help people in many ways. They can use it to protect their eyes from bright lights, use it as a part of a costume/disguise, and it could also improve their looks and self-esteem.

What are the behaviors that will keep your eyes healthy?

You should always wear sunglasses when you are outside on sunny days. Also, keeping your eyes moist if you have trouble with dry eyes will help keep your eyes as healthy as they can be.

Why do dogs wear sunglasses in Japan?

Dogs in Japan wear sunglasses for the same reason that people wear them. The sunglasses help to protect the dog's eyes from the sun's rays. They also provide protection from dust and other irritants.

Can playing video games help your IQ?

Yes, IQ is one of things video games can help develop.

Do video games help your awareness?

Video games can help with your hand-eye coordination But im not sure about awareness.

What is the purpose for sunglasses?

Sunglasses basically protect harmful UV Rays from reaching your eyes. Sunglasses help with perfect vision during the high brightness under the sun. Wearing sunglasses while driving also helps you see the road clearer. Some people wear sunglasses because they make you look cool.

How did gun powder help in the discovery of video games?

Video games weren't "discovered", they were designed.