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Tanning accelerators DO help quicken the tanning process. Dry skin will reflect the UV rays that make you tan. By using the accelerator, the UV rays get absrbed into the skin, making you tan faster. TANNING WITHOUT LOTIONS IN A TANNING BED IS A WASTE OF TANNING TIME AND MONEY!

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Q: Do tanning lotions really enhance the process when using tanning beds?
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How do you get a really dark tan?

Go tanning for a long time, use tanning lotions

Do yo u really need tanning bed lotions?

Tanning lotions are essential for tanning in tanning beds. There are several different reasons why and I'll explain them to you below. If you do not use a tanning lotion in a tanning bed you may damage your skin because of the harmful effects of UV light. Tanning lotions are designed to either block UV light or increase the effects of UV light on your skin. Tanning lotions will moisture your skin and some contain Vitamin E which helps repair damaged cells. Without moisturizing your skin you can develop wrinkles or have your skin peel. To read more about tanning lotions and their effects I suggest you read my article which will give you a basic understanding of the right lotion you should be using and the advantages of each of the 3 types of tanning lotions.

How long does indoor tanning lotion last before expiring?

It depends on the ingredients and how you store it. Paraben-free lotion is very marketable right now for skin care lines and tanning salons, but lotions with parabens often extend the shelf life of indoor tanning lotions. Make sure the lotion you buy wasn't sitting on a shelf for years. Most tanning salons offer higher end lotions with higher quality ingredients than a lotion you could could buy at a supermarket. They contain things like dihydroxyacetone, natural bronzers, silicones, caffeine, tingles, coolants, blushes, vitamins, firming and toning formulas, anti-oxidants, after tan odor minimizers, etc to help nourish your skin, optimize your tanning capability, and overall enhance your tanning experience. Also, storing your indoor tanning lotion is important. Keep your bottle somewhere at room temperature. Don't leave it in a freezing cold car or a steaming hot garage when you are not using it. The temperature change can damage ingredients in the lotions. Also, never buy indoor tanning lotions online. You would never know what it really is or how it was stored.

Does suntan lotion loses its effectiveness if left outside in the summer heat?

Many indoor tanning lotions contain bronzers which are heat activated-- if they are left in the heat the bronzers activate themselves and become inaffective. Lotions left in the heat also get really thin and start to smell bad.

What is worse for you tanning in a tanning bed or in the sun?

This question has really several different parts to it. My question for you is where are you tanning? Because some parts of the earth are exposed to higher levels of sunlight. The higher the altitude the more you can get burnt because you are closer to the sun as well. Tanning beds expose you to different UV rays than normal sunlight so it all depends on the duration of time that you spend in the sun or the tanning bed. If you plan to tan outside instead of tanning indoors, check out different tanning lotions. Tanning lotions can make the whole difference between whether its better for you to tan indoors or outdoors. Some lotions block harmful UV rays while others allow UV rays to penetrate your skin so the melanin in your skin reacts. The reaction of your melanin will cause you to tan. To see a full review that may help you determine which tanning lotion is right for you go to my website. This may help you make that determination so whichever you prefer, outside or indoors, you can be properly protected. Tanning in a tanning bed is worse because you are closer to the uv rays and they can damage you more easily.

How do you get a really dark tan in a tanning bed?

You hve to find a Jamaican tanning booth

Should you use bronzer to get a better tan in a tanning bed?

This really depends on your skin type. If you are just getting started and generally hard to tan then you should start with a basic accelerator like Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator to get the tanning process boosted and prevent any staining or streaking. Once you have established a good base then you can move up to the bronzing lotions. However, if you are an intermediate to advanced tanner then starting with a bronzing lotion is the best way to get dark fast! These products are specifically designed to increase your skins ability to tan and the results are far darker then tanning without them.

How long does it take to get a tan from a tanning bed?

It really depends on your skin tone. If you have a light skin tone it will take longer but if you have a kinda already dark skin tone it wont take that long Light Skin Tone- 200 minutes or 2 months Dark Skin Tone- 100 minutes or 1 month or if you buy the tanning lotions they have at the salons you will on need to go tanning like, 10 times to get a tan.

If im really pale and you go to a tanning bed can you get tan?

yes but do low times on the tanning bed

How can I get really tan?

Get out in the sun or you can use a tanning bed.

What are some of the requirements of direct mail advertising?

Advertising your business on a postcard is really great way to increase sales and business. Depending on what your advertising, if it's an "in-season" for something, such as tanning lotions for summer. You wouldn't have any problem increasing sales with direct mail.

Is the effects of tanning good or bad?

The effects of tanning are definitely that the bad outweighs the good. You could possibly get skin cancer from using a tanning bed, and it's really bad for you.

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